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Hensler - Hans

Source: Tri-County News, Thursday, Aug 16, 1956

A head-on collision of two automobiles resulted in the deaths  of 3 young persons and serious injuries to five others, Friday  night about 11:30 one-half miles west of Rockville on US 36.  Those instantly killed in the crash were Larry WILSON 16 driver  of one of the cars; Gary ANGELMEYER 16 a passenger with Wilson  and Nancy DAVIS, 14 a passenger in the other car. Wilson and  Anglemyer were trapped in their over turned car and burned beyond  recognition. Seriously injured were Hans Hensler, 17 and Don  McNeil, 20 both in the Wilson car; Sam Burks, 26, driver; his  wife, Velma 20 and son Eric, 3. The Burks family lives on  Rockville RR 4 and were going home from the drive-in theater.  Mrs. Burks' sister, Nancy, had accompanied them. All the boys in  the Wilson car were from Rockville. It is reported freely in  Rockville that the Wilson car and another vehicle were racing  eastward on the highway, the Wilson car being in the westbound  traffic lane when it struck the Burks' car. This report has not,  however, been confirmed by investigating authorities. There were  two witnesses not involved in the accident, William Mash of  Greencastle, formerly of Rockville and William Michaels of  Rockville RR 3 were driving east of the scene of the accident,  coming toward Rockville. They saw the crash in the rear view  mirror and stopped and returned to the scene. By the time they  reached the wreck the Wilson car was blazing furiously.
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