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Heaton - Family

James HEATON I born 1-15-1779 Berkley County Virginia
married Mary MORRELL born 1782
     James was a Civil Engineer in IN while the family was still in Green County, PA.  
    Hannah W. HEATON  born in Green County, PA 12-14-1801
               Married Rev. Henry BAKER - had: Mary Ann; Clarissa and James
    Charles M. HEATON - born near Hamilton, Ohio 3-7-1805
               Married #1 Rebecca STRICKLAND (of Oxford, Ohio) -#2 Ann CRANE (6-7-1833 Crawfordsville, IN Bk 1 p 118)
    David HEATON born near Hamilton, Ohio 1-11-1807
    James HEATON II - born near Hamilton, Ohio 11-20-1808
    Sarah Ann HEATON  born near Hamilton, Ohio 1-24-1811
    Johnson HEATON  born in Middletown Ohio  4-13-1825
               Married Lucy SMITH
    Harrison HEATON  born near Middletown, Ohio 11-8-1827
       Born in Hamilton, Ohio 2-3-1813
Alethia Clark HEATON  born in Hamilton, Ohio 2-6-1815 married I. F. WADE.
Columbus HEATON  born in Hamilton, Ohio 1-1-1817
Susan Johnson HEATON - born in Hamilton, Ohio 1-24-1819
Eliza Mary HEATON born in Middletown, Ohio 10-24-1820
David HEATON born near Middletown, Ohio 3-10-1823 - married a Venice of Middletown Ohio and had 3 children: Harriet; James and Cornelia
Cornelia HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 9-16-1839
James HEATON III - born in Crawfordsville, IN 11-13-1841
Caroline HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 10-19-1843  died 2-6-1871 buried Crawfordsville Masonic Cemetery
Laura HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 5-1-1846
William HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 4-20-1848
Edgar J. HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 4-12-1850
James HEATON II - married Sarah CASTER  had following issue:
    Hannah HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 6-24-1831
    Mina HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 7-25-1832
    Mary HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 7-24-1833
    Francis Marion HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 7-31-1834 married Harriet ?  Had at least one son, John B. died 10-15-1857 and buried Old Town Cemetery, Crawfordsville, IN
    Elizabeth HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN  9-1-1836
    Lovia HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 9-16-1838
James HEATON  III born November 13, 1841 in Crawfordsville, IN Enlisted Co D 135th Regt Indian Infantry - moved to Lincoln, NE 1883
       Married Mary Ellen KRIEGER (born Lafayette, 6-11-1842) 12-25-1867 in Crawfordsville, IN ??
Had the following issue:
       Edna Meredith HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 10-7-1868
Eugene K. HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN 12-22-1870
Ruby K. HEATON born in Crawfordsville, IN 12-6-1872
Ada Gertrude HEATON  born in Crawfordsville, IN

Sorry - do not know where this originated - looks more like a bible entry only don't have one for this family -- :(
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