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Hawkins - John P.

Source: Zach, Karen Bazzani. Crawfordsville: Athens of Indiana. SC: Arcadia, 2003: p 87
A brother-in-law to General Edward Canby was John P. Hawkins, who also attended  Wabash College for two years, then entered West Point. After  his gradution in 1852, he served on the frontier against the Indians. When the Civil War got underway, he was assigned first to Fremont's then to Grant's command. After serving in the Vicksburg  Campaign, he was promoted to Brigadier General and given command of a colored brigade, and for the remainder of the war was stationed in the Louisiana-Arkansas area. -- kbz


Source: Crawfordsville Journal Oct 18, 1919
"25  Years Ago" --- Oct 8, 1894 - General John P. Hawkins, of the regular army, has been retired on retired pay. Gen. Hawkins was raised in Crawfordsville and went from here to West Point with his brother-in-law, the ill starred Gen. E.R. S. Canby.-- kbz


Source: Information from -- "John Parker Hawkins." Wikipedia, online encyclopedia (picture above from this site)
Hawkins was born 29 Sept 1830 in the young Indianapolis and passed away 7 Feb 1914 in the same city. He is buried in the large Crown Hill Cemetery there .

He was a Brigadier General. His units were the 2nd & 6th US Infantry. Louisa Hawkins, his older sister married Major General Edward Canby who was murdered by Indians during a peace negotiation. Hawkins graduated from West Point; however, his standing was not impressive, having graduated  #40 out of 43 in his class.

Even with that, having been made commander of the US Colored Troops from northern Louisiana, he and the troop distinguished themselves in battle. His duty to the Union Troops was over in Feb 1866, but he decided to  rejoin the Army, reverting to his regular rank of captain. His marriage was to Jane B. Craig, daughter of Colonel Henry K. Craig the following year in October (1867).
Promotions kept coming and on the 2nd day of December 1892 he became Brigadier General, his rank when he retired at age 64 (29 Sept 1894).                    

He died 20 years later. His wife had passed away about a year earlier in April 1913 but they had one daughter who survived  them. -- kbz
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