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Hatton - William Melvin

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana.  Indianapolis: AW  Bowen, 1913, pp 1167-1168.

No man in Montgomery county is more deserving of the high  esteem in which he is held by the general public than William  Melvin Hatton, one of the able and popular, faithful and  conscientious county commissioners, and for many years one of our  leading agriculturists. He is a man of broad mind and correct  habits, believing in progress in all lines of endeavor, and is an  advocate of good government and clean living.
Mr. Hatton comes of a fine old family of the Wabash country,  and while much of his life has been spent in and about the town  of Wingate, this county, he is a native of Fountain county, his  birth having occurred in Logan township, on October 6, 1849. He  is a son of Thomas Schooley Hatton and Julia Ann (Swank) Hatton  and the grandson of William Hatton and wife, natives of Ohio.
William M. Hatton was reared on the home farm where he worked  hard when a boy, remaining in this line of endeavor until 1878.  He received his education in the common schools. When about  thirty years old he purchased a farm in Fountain county, which he  managed with much success until 1887 when he sold out and  purchased his present fine farm in Coal Creek township,  Montgomery county, which he has since operated on an extensive  scale, keeping it well improved and under a high state of  cultivation, and handling an excellent grade of live stock. He  moved to his pleasant home in Wingate in 1905.

 Mr. Hatton has long taken an abiding interest in the affairs of  his county, and in 1910 he was elected county commissioner which  position he has since held in a most acceptable and praiseworthy  manner, doing much in the meantime for the permanent good of the  county. He however, will not be a candidate for the office again,  much to the regret of his constituents and friends. He is loyal  to the Democratic party. Fraternally, he is a member of the  Knights of Pythias, and is a member of the Masonic Order, also  belongs to the Methodist church.

Mr. Hatton was married on March 27, 1873 to Nancy Catherine  Houts, a native of Fountain county, Indiana, of Pennsylvanian  ancestry. Her birth occurred on December 17, 1850, and she grew  to womanhood and was educated in Fountain county.  To Mr. and Mrs. Hatton have been born two children, Charles E.,  who is farming in Coal Creek township; and Clarence Lee, who is a  hardware merchant at Wingate.
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