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Harshbarger - William R.

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago:  HH Hill, 1881) p 461

William R. Harshbarger, farmer, Ladoga, son of Samuel and  ELizabeth (MYERS) Harshbarger, was born in Scott Twp, Nov 10, 1839  and was reared on the farm and thoroughly educated in the pursuit  of agriculture and affairs pertaining to practical business. He  received such an education as was obtainable in the school house  in the township's early history. Nov 12, 1863, he was married to  Miss Anna, daughter of John B. and Sallie (MANGUS) Peffley. She  was born in Clark Twp Sept 28, 1843. They are the parents of 5  children: Emma E; Effia L; Daniel W; John and George F. Mr. H. is  now engaged in farming and general stock raising, making the  higher grades of sheep a speciality. Since 1867 he has been the  pastor in the Dunkard Church of Scott Twp. - -- typed by kbz

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, Sept 22, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. Will Harshbarger attended the funeral of Mr.  Harshbarger's uncle, William R. Harshbarger at Ladoga,  Sunday.

The deceased was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Harshbarger  and was born near Ladoga, Nov 10, 1841.

He was a minister of the Church of the Brethren, commonly  called the Dunkards and had preached over a wide area of this  country.

Word was sent from Ladoga to Colfax that "Uncle Will is dead,"  and Mont Harshbarger came from that place under the impression  that it was our Will Harshbarger. -- typed by kbz
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