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Harshbarger - Lavina Mahorney Peffley

Source: The Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America, A historical  and genealogical record of the Peffley, Peffly and Pefley  families from 1729-1938; Published in 1938, By May Miller Frost  and Clarence Earl Frost
 Call Number: R929.2 P375

 627--LAVINIA ANN PEFFLEY (dau. of No. 551 ) married at  Ladoga.
 1--Oct. 17th, 1875, HENRY MEADE HARSHBARGER, born Apr. 5th, 1852,  died Sept. 20th, 1876 (son of JACOB and MARY (Myers)  HARSHBARGER). Jacob was born Mar. 10th, 1828, died Sept. 13th,  1919. Mary was born Oct. 28th, 1826, died July 17th, 1898.
 2--May 3rd, 1880 DR. JOHN CALVIN MAHORNEY, born Dec. 19th, 1851.  Died Aug. 12th, 1909 (son of ZACHARIAH and CATHERINE  (Harshbarger) MAHORNEY, Zachariah was born Aug. 8th, 1818, died  May 3rd, 1894, Catherine was born Dec. 31st, 1821, died Feb. 8th,  1905). All buried in Harshbarger Cemetery, Ladoga. Issue: All  born at Ladoga.
 1st marriage:
 1--LULU MAY HARSHBARGER, b. 8-31-1876. 2nd marriage
 2--GRACE MAHORNEY, b. 1-31-1881, d. 2-14-1881.
 3--JOHN CLAYTON MAHORNEY, b. 1-6-1882.
 4--SARAH SNOW MAHORNEY, b. 2-1-1884, d. 11-17-1917.
 5--RUTH F. MAHORNEY, b. 6-10-1894, d. 8-24-1894.
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