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Harshbarger - John A.

Source: The Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America, A historical  and genealogical record of the Peffley, Peffly and Pefley  families from 1729-1938; Published in 1938, By May Miller Frost  and Clarence Earl Frost
1416--JOHN A. HARSHBARGER (son of No. 1398 ) married LILLUS  LIDIKAY, born Aug. 15th, 1878, at Ladoga. (dau. of JACOB EDWARD  and ELIZABETH (Goodbar) LIDIKAY).
 Address (as of 1938); Ladoga, Ind.
 2--ELIZABETH HARSHBARGER, b. 6-19-1907.

Source: Crawfordsville Journal-Review, 11-18-1950

Ladoga - Mr. and Mrs. John HARSHBARGER who reside 3 miles  east of Ladoga on SR 234 will celebrate their golden wedding  anniversary at their home Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov 23 with  open house to be held between the hours of 2 and 5 o'clock.  Mr.  and Mrs. Harshbarger are lifelong residents of Montgomery County.  They were married Nov 29, 1900 at the home of the bride's  parents,  Mr. and Mrs. JE Lidikay in Ladoga.  A sister, Bertha  Lidikay was the bridesmaid and a brother, Ernest Lidikay was the  best man. The cremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Elliott, pastor  fo the Presbyterian Church. The following day the infare turkey  dinner was held at the old homestead of Rev. WR Harshbarger the  father of the groom where John and Lillus Harshbarger have lived  most of their married lives.  Mr. Harshbarger is one of the  officials of the AAA farm program. They are the parents of two  children, Rev. Albert Harshbarger of Buck Creek and Elizabeth  Sprinkle of Muncie. They have 5 grandsons. Mr. and Mrs.  Harshbarger will entertain at a family Thanksgiving dinner  preceding the open house. Relatives and friends are invited to  call during the afternonon.  No invitations have been issued.
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