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Harrison - Allen

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana.  (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881)

Allen Harrison, retired farmer, Ladoga. As far back in the  history of this County as September 25, 1828, Mr. Robert Harrison  and his wife, Mary (Hammer) Harrison, came here from Ohio, their  family then consisting of five children, two boys and three  girls, though Mr. Harrison had been here twice previous, having  entered his land in November, 1826, his patent being signed by  John Q. Adams. At his house in Scott township was held the  election of 1828, which elected old "Hickory" Jackson. Mr.  Harrison was one of the live and leading pioneers of this  township in its early history, but died in 1839, in the midst of  his usefulness, both to the Church, the pioneer settlers, and his  own family, which then consisted of five children, three of whom  are now living: John H., the youngest, Sarah, and Allen. The  subject of this sketch was born in Butler County, Ohio, February  24, 1812, and came to this County as above stated. December 4,  1834, he married Miss Sarah, daughter of John Britts, also an  early settler of Scott township. She died June 16, 1858. Mr.  Harrison has since remained a widower, and has a family of four  children living: Mary C., David D., John R. and Nancy E., wife of  Mr. James W. Moone, with whom he is now living in his old home.  He is a man of great memory, and from whom was obtained much of  the early history of the settlement of part of Scott township.  ROSEBRIAR@EARTHLINK.NET
Thanks to: Harry L Bounnell
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