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Harney - James F.

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago:  HH Hill, 1881) p 466

James F. HARNEY, was born March 1, 1824 in Shelby Co Ky. The  family were of Scots-Irish extraction and came to this country  just before the revolutionary war. He removed to Indiana with his  father, GT Harney in 1835. He was the eldest of the children and  while the father devoted a good share of his time in preaching to  the people in the thinly scattered settlements, it devolved upon  the son to look after the interests of the family and clear the  farm. Of course his opportunity for an education was limited, but  by dint of close application he managed to acquire a fair English  education and added to that by several terms attendance at Wabash  College. At the outbreak of the Mexican War, in June 1846, he  enlisted in HS JONES ' company, made up almost entirely from this  County and was appointed on the staff of Col. IP DRAKE of 1st Reg  Ind Vols. The vessel in which he crossed the gulf was wrecked on  the breakers of Padre Island, 40 miles W. of the Brazos, on the  morning of July 23. They were finally rescued, and the last reg.  took post at Camp Belknap on the RIo Grande. In the latter par6t  of Aug Mr. h. received news of the sudden and terrible death of  his father and only brother, leaving his mother and sisters  without anyone to care for or protect them. This caused his  immediate return home, extinguishing all desire for military  life. At the Aug election, in 1849, he was elected on the Dem.  ticket, a member of the lower house of the legislature. He was  again elected in 1858 and 62, and in 72 he was elected to the  state senate. In 1864, he was a candidate for congress in the 8th  congressional district but was defeated by his opponent, Hon. G.  A. ORTH. Mr. H. was marr. Oct 1851 to Miss America HARRISON  youngest daughter of Capt. Joshua Harrison. They have 5 children:  Sallie C; Mollie L; Carrie T; George and John H. died Jan 9,  1880.
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