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Harney - GIlbert T.

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago:  HH Hill, 1881) p 466

Gilbert T. HARNEY was b. in Nicholas Co, Ky July 16, 1801. His  parents died in 1816, leaving 10 children. When 18 he removed to  Shelby Co KY where he joined the regular Baptist Church and was  soon after admitted to preach and ordained as a minister. In 1823  he was married to Charlotte KYLE of Lundoun (sic) Co, Va. In 1830  he joined in with the reformation and was an active member in  that order until his death. In 1835 he removed to Indiana. He was  the first preacher of that order that lived in that part of the  County, preaching for the churches for an area of 30 miles. He  was a man of more than ordinary intellectual power of fine  physical constitution and urged on whatever pursuit he undertook  with great zeal and industry. July 23, 1846 with his son, John  then about 19, he undertook to repair a pump in the well on the  premises. John, not apprehending danger went down in the well to  see what was needed, when he was stricken by the well damp and  fell to the bottom. The father, without a moment's thought as to  the cause or what would be the result, rushed down in the well to  the rescue only to meet the same terrible fate. It was several  hours before the lifeless bodies were recovered. Gilbert Harney's  first wife, Charlotte died Aug 4, 1837 leaving 5 children. About a  year after Mr. Harney married  Sarah GOODNIGHT formerly from Lincoln  Co Ky. She still survives, and is now past 83. His surviving  children were James F; Francis M; Susan L and Mahala T. - typed by kbz
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