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Hargrave - W. B.

Source: Tri-County News & Waveland Independent - Sept 15, 1955

This is the first issue of the Tri-County News & Waveland  Independent. We hope you will like it. This issue by no means  represents what we, as publishers want to give you as a weekly  newspaper: it is only the beginning of what we hope will become a  large and better newspaper. Figure-calloused newspaper  accountants could probably look upon this new venture as a losing  battle in all effort to reverse a trend, a trend which in the  past 50 years has seen the death struggles of a great many small  town newspapers. But the publishers of the Tri-County News are  well aware of this fact. They also are aware of the fact that of  all the news media, ONLY the local newspaper can bring its  readers all the local news coverage in stories and pictures. That  is what we propose to do. We will leave to the dailies, to  television, to radio coverage of events which occur elsewhere in  the world, but when someone has an anniversary - or gives a party  - or the kids at school put on a program, we intend to have the  details for you in the next issue of the paper. Because of the  location, our choice of a name for this newspaper seems to us a  natural. We shall try to give you all the news which occurs in  this area where Montgomery, Parke & Putnam Counties meet. We  shall also try to promote the interests of this three-county area  and its people in every way possible. Obviously, we will need the  support of the people in this area, too. We still need  subscribers, we will need advertisers. Both are essential to a  newspaper's survival. If we work together to this end, we are  certain we can produce a weekly newspaper which you will welcome  into your home every week.

WB Hargrave. I feel confident that the name Hargrave is not  unknown in your tri-county community. A few miles to the south,  north of Portland Mills, my dad was born, Aug 15, 1856 and his  boyhood days on the farm and in the village are still his  happiest and most vivid memories. For the past 67 years as editor  of the Rockville Republican he has been your near neighbor. There  is more involved in publishing a newspaper than making a dollar,  as any successful publisher well knows. Mr. Harvey & I accept  our responsibilities as such,b ut you should know as well as we  do that our venture must be profitable. Nothing quite takes the  place of a good weekly newspaper. It gives you a welcome break  from the world's stresses and worries - it is just downright  comfortable and relaxing.
Now a word about Mr. Harvey, a comparative stranger in your  area until two weeks ago. You will find he is not only an  experienced news reporter and editor with a handy camera, he is  also a good advertising man. Business men will find him helpful  with advice in getting the most for their advertising dollar. It  is our carefully considered judgment that your community does not  want to lose its weekly newspaper and we hope we are not  wrong.
Tri-County News & Waveland Independent - typed by kbz
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