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Hargrave - Arthur

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, April 14, 1938

The 50th anniversary of Arthur A. Hargrave as editor and  publisher of the Rockville Republican was celebrated by a banquet  in his honor at Turkey Run Inn, Wednesday evening April 13. The  Commerical Club of Rockville sponsored the meeting which was  attended by about 200 Rockville & Parke COunty citizens  besides newspaper friends of the editor over the state of  Indiana. J. Walter McCarty, managing editor of the Indianapolis  News was the principal speaker and louis B. Hopkins, president of  Wabash College acted as toastmaster. Curist Hostetter of the  Rockville Tribune was general chairman of the committee on  arrangements. Mr. hargrave's first issue fot he Rockville  Republican was dated April 11, 1888. He had just returned from  Oroomiah, Persia where for 4 years he was superintendent of the  printing department in the Presbyterian Mission.  Here he met  Mrs. Hargrave and they were married. She was sent to  Persia as a  missionary by the Presbyterian Church of Soliet, Ill (sic -  joliet?) .  In his boyhodo he worked in the newspaper shops at  Rockville and earned his way thru college by working for the  crawfordsville newspapers as a hand typesetter and reporter. He  graduated from Wabash in the class of 1881 and wa s a member of  Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.  The Rockville Republican is the  descendant in a direct line of continuous publication of the  Wabash Herald which was started in Rockville in 1833 and  therefore is 105 years old.  At that time there were only 29  newspaper in the state of Indiana. In the 50 years that Mr.  Hargrave has been editor, every issue has carried at least one  article written by him.  His editorials, militanlty Republican,  have a state wide reputation and are frequently in metropolitan  dailies as well as in his weekly contempories.  For over 25 years  Mr. Hargrave has been writing a feature each week called, "Club  Man," which is two columns long and consists of reminescences of  the pioneer days in Parke COunty, observations on current affairs  and trends and travel experiences.  Besides his foreign travels  he has been in every state in the union but two. Since coming to  Rockville, Mr. hargrave has purchased six Parke COunty  newspapers, suspending publication of four of them. He now  publishes two - The Rockville Republican and Montezuma  Enterprize, a Democratic newspaper. Mr. hargrave will be 82 years  old this summer and rarely misses a day at his desk at the  office. In 1935 Editor and Mrs. Hargrave celebrated their 50th  wedding anniversary. All of their five children are living and  are located as follows: Palmer W. Hargrave, manufacturer of  lighting fixtures; Los Angeles, California; Clarence M. Hargrave,  retail painter, South Bend, Ind; Mrs. EG Henderson, Indianapolis;  William B. Hargrave associated with his father in Publishing the  Republican and Montezuma Enterprise; Mrs. WG Tyler, Birgmingham,  alabama. At the Turkey Run banquet, Mr. Hargrave received a flood  of telegrams and letters of congratulation sent by his newspaper  friends who were unable to attend the celebration.

Arthur A. Hargrave
Inducted 1975

Arthur A. Hargrave, renowned Indiana publisher was born to  William H. and Susan (Bishop) Hargrave on August 15, 1856, near  the historic town of Portland Mills. As a boy, Hargrave started  his newspaper career at the age of 14. He began as a printer's  devil in his hometown of Rockville.
While attending Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Hargrave  worked as a hand typesetter and reporter for the Crawfordsville  newspapers. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in  1881.
After college he worked for more than a year for the Kansas  City Journal, making $10 a week. He then accompanied Reverend  James W. Hawks and other missionaries from the Rockville  Presbyterian Church to Persia, where he took charge of the  printing department of a Presbyterian mission. It was there that  he met and married Marian Moore, originally from Joliet,  Illinois. When they returned to the United States, they brought  their first of five children who was then one-year-old.
Hargrave became assistant editor of the Terre Haute Express  after his arrival in the States, however, he wanted to return to  his hometown and soon was able to buy the Rockville Republican  for $2500.
The Rockville Republican was a weekly newspaper and Hargrave,  from the time he bought it until a few short weeks before his  death, had an article published in every issue.
One time while going through the office, he found an old "cut"  depicting a man with a mighty arm flexed and in his hand was a  club. From this illustration, he started his column "Club Man's  Talk." At first the column was one aimed at politics, but  Hargrave did not feel he had enough material for a long-running  column. He then made it into stories about his farm life in the  1860s and 70s, maple sugaring, butchering, or his travels.
In 1954 he received an honorary degree from Indiana  University. Soon after he had an attack of illness and his sight  was impaired by cataracts. Yet even this could not stop him from  writing and he dictated to one of his daughters until his  death.
After an air accident in 1956, Hargrave made a prediction that  "flight's next goal of conquest will be the moon."
At a party celebrating his 100th birthday, he was asked to  give his recipe for long life. He answered, "sitting in my old  rocker by the fireplace, smoking a good cigar and taking life  easy."
At the time of his death on September 13, 1957, Hargrave had  been the owner of the Rockville Republican for almost 80 years,  and he was believed to be the oldest newspaper publisher in the  United States.
By Sharon Griffey

18 JAN 1849 Mount Etna, Huntington, Indiana
application for  Marr License  
I, William Baldwin do solemnly swear that I am personally  acquainted with the parties above named and that I have reason to  believe and verily do believe that they are both of lawful age to  marry w/o the consent of their parents or Guardian namely said  Wm. E. Jefferies is age of 21 years and upward and said Mary A.  Baldwin is of the age of (blank) years and upward; that I know of  no lawful reason why they should not marry and that Mary A.  Baldwin has the consent of her guardian and that said female  resides and has resided in Mont Co IN for one month and more  immediately previous to the making of this application for  license, which application is made this 28th day of August 1871  and that I, deponent, am also a resident of said county of  Montgomery and a disinterested witness in this behalf and of  lawful age. & Signed with a mark
William Baldwin on 28 Aug 1871
Attested: WK Wallace, Clerk of Mont CO Circuit Court)
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