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Harbeson - Benjamin M.

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, July 18, 1924

Dr. BM Harbeson took John Miles on a personally conducted tour in Clay County Monday. They visited Morris Miles at Staunton and got a car-load of raspberries. They saw a strip mine in operation where a big steam shovel from Panama said to be the largest in the world was scooping up coal in 9 ton bites. They also visited the battlfield of Staunton where so many of our boys bit the dust mixed with hardtack and beans. - typed by kbz

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana April 6, 1928

Dr. B.M. Harbeson of Waveland, one of the best known  Republicans of the County, who was defeated by only a few votes  at the last election for the same office, after much soliciation  from all parts of the district as well as the County at large,  has consented to again become a candidate for commissioner from  the third district. Dr. Harbeson has been one of the very active  men of party for over 30 years, having served as precinct  committeeman for a number of years and was also vice chairman of  his party. Under his leadership as precinct committeeman his was  known as the banner precinct of the County, no factional  differences being allowed to enter. he also served the town of  Waveland for 18 years as one of the trustees gaining much  valuable experience which would be of great value in the event he  is nominated and elected. Dr. Harbeson has also given much study  to road building and maintenance which is one of very great  importance confronting the people today. Having made the race in  both the primary and election so recently, he feels that the  voters are qualified to make their choice, and as it takes a  great amount of time to visit all of the County, this  announcement will be all that can be given and any support will  be gratefully received and appreciated. If nominated and elected  the business pertaining to the office will be very carefully  studied and all the promise that can be given at this time or in  the future is to serve conscientiously and diligently, without  fear or favor and to promote the interests of the people of the  County as a whole. -- typed by kbz

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, Thursday, Dec 10, 1942

At the regular meeting Monday at the Waveland Town Board, Dr.  Harbeson tendered his resignation as a member of the board. Dr.  Harbeson has practiced here over 48 years and 28 of those have  been devoted to serving on the town board at various intervals.  The doctor says when first elected to the board, the street  lights consisted of a few coal oil lights on posts after which  came the acetylene lights which had to be lighted every night and  later came our present electric lights. He also recalls that one  of his experiences was relative in sidewalks. All that were in  the town were a few brick and the rest gravel so when the board  ordered cement walks for the town, it looked like someone's scalp  was in danger. However, after they were once laid, no one wanted  them removed. The Dr. in tendering his resignation feels that he  has served longer than any one who was ever on the board and  feels that a younger man should be put in his place. - typed by kbz

Source: Tri-County News, (Waveland, Indiana) Aug 9, 1962

Dr. Benjamin M. HARBESON, 91, a dentist serving Waveland for  more than 65 years, died Tuesday morning Aug 7, at his home in  Waveland. A native of Waveland, he was born Feb 24, 1871. His  parents were Benjamin F and Harriet Clark Harbeson. He was first  married to Layla Kritz in 1902 and after her death in 1937,  married Cordelia Rule on April 17, 1938. Dr. Harbeson was a  member of the Waveland Presbyterian Church and quite active in  church work until illness forced him to retire. He was a member  of the Waveland Masonic Lodge for more than 70 years. A graduate  of Valparaiso University he taught school in Parke &  Montgomery County for a few years before attending Indian Dental  College, now part of IU. Survivors include his wife and a sister,  Mrs. Maude Underwood. Funeral services were held at Machledt  & Servies Thursday with Rev. Paul Bingham and Rev. Lester  Niles officiating. Burial was in Maple Ridge Cemetery. Masonic  graveside services were held.  - typed by kbz

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