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Hanna - Thomas

Source: 1880 History of Parke County, Indiana by JH Beadle (Chicago: HH Hill)

Thomas J. HANNA, the sixth child of James and Martha Hanna,  was born in Mercer Co, KY on the 22nd day of November 1802. He  lived in various parts of Kentucky until 1827 when he came to  Parke Co and located in Green Twp. Mr. Hanna having been brought  up a farmer, entered 320 acres of Government land and began  farming for himself. on the 14th day of Feb 1828 he was married  to Ann McCormick, by whom he has had 8 children. He is now living  with his second wife. Mr. Hanna has been an active, earnest  member of the Methodist Church and having passed to allotted  three score and ten, has retired to enjoy the fruits of a well  spent life. (Taken from: Atlas Map of Parke Co IN. by AT Andreas.  Chicago: Lakeside Building for Clark & Adams St, 1874)

I include this because of the Waveland (Montgmery County)  Connection, p 430

Thomas J. HANNA, farmer, Waveland, is one of the pioneers of  Greene Twp. He came to Parke Co in 1827 and entered a  half-section of land, which he located in 1828. The dense timber  which then covered the face of his farm in no way disheartened  him. He was reared to the work of felling and burning timber in  his native state, Ky. He was b. in 1802 and is the son of James  and Martha Hanna, both pioneers of Mercer Co, Ky. He was married  in1 828 to Ann McCORMIC (sic), by whom he has 8 children. He now  lives with his second wife. Mr. Hanna ever has been a zealous  member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In early times, before  the days of churches and schoolhouses, meeting was held at his  house. While he never sought more than a good name for honesty  and integrity from his neighbors, he has gained not only this,  but their highest respect and esteem for his Christian character.  During the many year sof life spent in Greene Twp, on his farm,  he has through his industry advanced with the country, which his  farm and surroundings show. He is now enjoying the fruits of his  labor and patiently awaiting the summons that shall call him to  sunny lands beyond the dark river. - kbz
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