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Hamilton - Rilen T. B.

Source: History of Montgomery County, Indiana. Indianapolis: AW                  Bowen, 1913, pp 791-792.

One of the men of Montgomery county who needs no introduction                  to our readers is R. T. B. Hamilton, familiarly known as "Colonel"                  Hamilton, one of the leading and most popular auctioneers of                  the state of Indiana, and one of the most successful and enterprising                  agriculturists in Montgomery county, a man who would have succeeded                  at whatever line of endeavor he might have selected for he possesses                  the proper attributes, and is a good mixer, thus enjoying the                  friendship and good will of a vast acquaintance.

Colonel Hamilton was born on May 7, 1852, in Montgomery county,                  Indiana. He is a son of Nathaniel and Jane (Keeney) Hamilton.                  The father was born in Ohio, and the mother was born in Kentucky.                  The father was a carpenter by trade. Politically, he was a Republican,                  but was not a public man. He was twice married.
Colonel Hamilton received a good education in the common schools.                  He was married first to Lizzie Barnett, a native of Montgomery                  county. She is now deceased. Our subject was married the second                  time, his last wife being Rose Ballard, born in Montgomery county.                  Mrs. Hamilton was educated in the public schools.
Eight children were born to Colonel Hamilton and his first                  wife, six of whom are still living, namely: Mabel, Jennie, Albert,                  Hector B., Jessie and Wallace. To the last marriage one child                  was born, Walter.

Our subject made his start in life on the farm and this work                  has claimed his chief attention through life until today, having                  prospered with advancing years he is the owner of several good                  farms in Montgomery county, and he spends his summers in the                  country and his winters at his commodious home in Crawfordsville.                  He started as an auctioneer in 1878, having had a great deal                  of natural ability in that direction, as all must have who make                  a success, and he soon had quite a reputation here in his native                  county, and his reputation continued to grow, covering surrounding                  territory, and soon he found that his services were in great                  demand in Indianapolis, and he has been a successful and popular                  auctioneer in that city for the past twenty years, and he is                  well known throughout the state. One of his finest farms is                  that of three hundred and fifty acres in the western part of                  the county which is well improved and under a high state of                  cultivation. He believes in adopting all modern methods, wherein                  they are applicable to farming in this section of the country,                  and he studied modern methods of all kinds. He is a lover of                  fine live stock and some excellent grades are always to be seen                  on his farms.

Colonel Hamilton was reared in the faith of the Methodist church.                  Fraternally, he belongs to Lodge No. 223, Independent Order                  of Odd Fellows, and to the Tribe of Ben-Hur, also the Benevolent                  and Protective Order of Elks. Politically, he is a Progressive,                  and he made the race for sheriff of Montgomery County on that                  ticket in the campaign of 1912, but was defeated with the rest                  of the ticket, although making a splendid race.


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