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Hall - Bainbridge

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana . (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881) p 381

Bainbridge HALL was a distant relative of Commodore Bainbridge,            after whom he was named. He served under Jackson at New Orleans and            in the War of 1812. He married Polly NICHOLS. Both were natives of            Virginia and in early times went to Kentucky. There the slavery spirit            became bitterly odious to Mr. Hall, and he sought a home in Indiana.            He made several trips through this section, but was not pleased with            the outlook. Finally he moved his family in 1831, and settled on            a part of Sec. 16, T. 17, R. 3 W., or what is Brown township, on            which he took a lease. In 1834 he entered 80 acres in Sec. 15, and            soon added a few acres more. He also entered 400 acres in Walnut            township for his children. There, on the Brown township homestead,            Mr. and Mrs. Hall lived and experienced all the hardships and privations            together with the peculiar pleasures of frontier life. Mr. Hall was            very strong in whig principles, and outspoken in favor of tariff.            He and wife were members of the Regular Baptist Church. Mr. Hall            died September 6, 1855, and was followed fifteen days later by his            helpmate of so many years. Their family numbered ten children: Anderson,            who died December 14, 1876; Elizabeth and H. H., now of Walnut township;            Sarah, now Mrs. Harris, of Nebraska; John R., of Union township;            William B., of Clinton, Illinois; Francis, who died at the age of            twenty-five years; Benjamin, who died at the age of twenty-three            years; Y. P., of Brown township; Samuel Q., of Walnut township, and            Mary E., dead. - typed by kbz

Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana .  (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881) p 366

Bainbridge HALL, who had settled in Brown Twp in 1830 or 1831, entered            about 400 acres of land in the SW part of Walnut Twp 1832, which            came into the possession of his sons, Henry h; Samuel Q and William            Hall and on which the two former live, while William is a bridge            builder and carpenter in Clinton, Illinois. -- - typed by kbz
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