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Courtney - John R.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 20 Aug 1892 p 5
Divorce day in the September term of the circuit court promises the usual rich, rare and racy digest. This week three new cases were added to the long list as follows:
John R. Courtney presented the prayer of Mrs. Belle Keller Hoover, who wants the ties which bind her to William Hoover guillotined. While Belle says that her troubles date back for several months yet she never quit his bed and board until last Saturday. She alleges that Willie has beaten her and accused her of actions unbecoming a faithful wife. She also wants her maiden name restored.  
Mrs. Flora Ambrose through her attorneys, White, Humphries & Reeves also presented her peck of troubles. In her complaint Mrs. Ambrose alleges that she served him until April 4 of this year; that during this period he crused and beat her, had accused her of undue intimacy with other men and at one time attempted to kill her by smothering her with a pillow. She also asks for the custody of their child.
Mrs. Neoma Clemens has a harrowing tale of woe which she will pour into Judge Harneys sympathetic ear. She alleges in her complaint that she was married to Jefferson Clemens Dec 18, 1883. After living together for two years Jeff abandoned her and has since refused to crack bread at her table, she wants their child, Irene and $300 a year alimony. She is represented by Hanna  & Hanna.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 2 Nov 1889 p 8
John R. Courtney will deliver his lecture on “The Battle of Franklin” at Armory Hall tonight. The proceeds will go towards defraying expenses of the 63rd reunion.  
Source: Crawfordsville Review 11 May 1889 p 1
John R. Courtney is quite sick

Source: Crawfordsville Review 27 Sept 1890 p 1
John R. Courtney has been appointed deputy county attorney under William T. Whittington.

Source: Terre Haute Daily Wabash Express 10 Aug 1886 p 4
Mr. John R. Courtney and son, of Crawfordsville were in town yesterday. Mr. Courtney was looking after his political fences in this direction.  He is a candidate for state attorney general.

Source: Terre Haute Daily Wabash Express 22 May 1888 p4
Colonel John R. Courtney is one who never gets left. For some time he has had an application for a pardon for Henry Lewellen Skaggs, the rapist, now serving a five years sentence at Michigan City and had probably received some assurance that the pardon would be granted. It did not come soon enough to suit him and a few days since he addressed the chief executive as follows:

Crawfordsville, In. To His Excellency, Governor I.P. Gray:
“Dear Sir: You are now a candidate for vice president before the National Democratic Convention which meets next month in St. Louis. I have to inform  you with many regrets that Skaggs remains unpardoned in the northern prison. Yours, etc. John R. Courtney.”  We have not a copy of the original letter in our possession but the above is what Courtney says he wrote and it is very much like him, so we will not dispute the story – Crawfordsville Journal.
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 1 Feb 1890 p 1
Although the records do not show that GW Paul was admitted to the Montgomery County Bar, yet he was admitted as the testimony of the man who made the motion to show. John R. Courtney says he made the motion to admit GW Paul to the bar here about the year 1873.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 19 April 1890 p 8
John R. Courtney vs. Kleiber & Smith. Courtney receives judgment for $65, the price of a pool table.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 31 May 1890 p 3
Col. John R. Courtney has returned from Indianapolis and is stating his side of the story of the charges preferred against him.  He is very bitter against the parties who instituted the proceedings and claims that he will easily clearn himself. Next week he will file an answer to the charges and the substance of the answer will then appear in The Journal.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 17 Jan 1891 p 1
John R. Courtney was allowed $25 for attorney services to Thomas Kane.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 19 April 1890 p 1
John R. Courtney Thursday presented a petition to Gov. Hovey praying the pardon of Wm. Shuler, serving a 17 year sentence for the murder of young Lane. The petition was signed by all of the jury and Judge Britton.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 28 Dec 1889
John R. Courtney says he will take his gambling case to the Supreme Court.

Source: Crawfordsville Review 12 Oct 1889 p1
The GAR Post of Waynetown will hold a grand camp fire tonight at Alamo. Hon. John R. Courtney of this city will declaim on “The Battle of Franklin.”

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