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Cason - William

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Saturday, 26 September 1874

Wm Cason, of Walnut Township, was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina, Nov. 8, 1799. In 1803, when he was four years old, his parents removed with him to Ohio. In 1813, he moved into Indiana Territory, now Union County, near where the town of Liberty now stands. He remembers well many of the incidents of the War of 1812. He tells of the excitement in his neighborhood when the news of Hull’s surrender was received, and the promptness of the militia in responding to the calls of the officers, their musters, drills, etc., in preparation to receive the British forces. He was too young at that time, but like many other boys, was exceedingly anxious to serve his country.

He lived in Union County until 1848. During his residence there he held many offices of trust. First he entered the clerk’s office as a deputy, under Edghill Burnside, the father of ex-governor and General A. E. Burnside. He served as constable five years, and then served as deputy recorder for three years, when he was elected to the office of recorder. In this position he served the people for thirteen years and six months, resigning the office of recorder to accept that of sheriff, which he filled for four years.
He removed to Montgomery County in 1848, and settled on the farm on which he still resides, about two miles northeast of Fredericksburg (Mace). He was married in 1823 to Miss Martha Davis, of Ohio, who is still living. Although one of the oldest men in Walnut Township, he still retains many of the traces of his youthful days. Many persons are more broken in appearance at the age of 50 years than Mr. Cason. He is very fond of jesting, is an unflinching Democrat, and takes a deep interest in political affairs, and can always be found ready to discuss them freely. He takes the papers and is well posted. - kz

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