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Carter - Alice


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 20 June 1891 p 6

Alice Carter is the auburn-haired little child of William Carter, who was cut in two by a Monon freight train three years ago. Six months after the tragic death of her father the little girl's mother died and she went to her grandfather, Mr. Read, to live. Soon old Mr. died and his daughter Dora married Charley Skaggs. Old Mrs. Read  was taken then to the Poor Farm and Alice was given to Mrs. Peter Moran, the sister of the child's father, and she procured the child a home in Indianapolis. About a year ago the child was returned to Mrs. Moran. her adopted parents having parted. Mrs. Moran declared that such a thing should never be, and so matters stood until June 11. Mrs. Moran was away from home and little Barbara Moran and Alice were playfully cracking walnuts in the back yard on east Wabash avenue.  Pretty soon Mrs. Dora Skaggs appeared and smiling inquired, “if mamma was at home.” Learning that she that she was not she suggested that the trio go to meet her on her return and led the children to the bridge where Barbara was sent back home. Mrs. Skaggs continued on her way with Alice and meeting with one of her neighbors, called out, "Well. I've got her now and will keep her." The child grasped the situation at once when these words were spoken and began to yell with all her might that she was being stolen. Mrs. Skaggs at once picked her up and galloped off with her to her stronghold on east Franklin street. On the way she encountered little Harry Moran, (he whose head stopped the freight train six weeks ago) and he tried to stop her. Nothing daunted she charged, and completely vanquishing him, proceeded on her way routing and scouting all opposition with no trouble whatever. When Mrs. Moran returned there were wailing and gnashing of teeth, a donning of sack cloth and asken, and a girdling up of loins, such as is rarely seen on the contemplated boulevard. The signs being consulted and the auspices proving favorable Mrs. Moran lost no time but seconded by the vanquished Harry she at once proceeded against Castle Skaggs. As she approached there was a hurrying to and fro. The neighbors leaned over their fences and lustily cheered the charging cohorts on. Mrs. Skaggs grabbed up Alice from her peaceful construction of mud pies her inside the castle walls. The enemy was hard upon her heels, however and before she had time to raise the draw bridge or close the postern gate the claws of Moran had charged across the moat, entered the castle, seized sweet Alice, and Harry, assuming the role of young Lochnivar retired in good order without the loss of a single life or limb. The wide border land along the Motion railroad was crossed in safety and before Alice knew what was the matter she was reinstated in Moran manor much to her joy.

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