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Campbell - Ruth Humphrey

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 17 August 1900

Grandma Campbell, while visiting her sons and daughters this week, has woven a most beautiful rug from common carpet rags of very brilliant colors. It is artistically designed, looks very much like a Persian rug and is just as pretty on one side as the other. Her next birthday is in October and she will be 80 years old, and is quite active for a person of her age, takes much interest in the affairs of the present day, talks politics and religion, is a reader of all the newspapers, and a true Democrat, but is not radical on any subject. She loved to talk of the days of her youth, when her father, Robert Humphrey, with his family first came to this then unbroken country, settling in a log cabin on the farm now owned by Joseph Stubbins. She being the oldest had much hard work to do and often helped her father in the clearing of his land. She tells of the Indians, how they would come to trade with them, carrying their papooses on their backs. Her father was a most successful hunter, and wild turkey, deer, and occasionally a bear would be landed at their home. She loves to speak of her pioneer life, the hardships endured, the spinning, weaving, and many thousand things we scarcely know of now days. Grandma is a good Christian woman, has lived an upright life as near as humans can, has gone through much trouble and sorrow, but takes everything is a philosophical manner. She has seen vast changes made in her native place and let us hope she may live to see many more. - kbz

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