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Cunningham - Ellen

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, May 23, 1916

Mrs. Ellen CUNNINGHAM, chiropractor was found not guilty of a charge of practicing medicine without a state license, this afternoon by the jury in circuit court that heard the speedy trail of the case. The jury received the case at 12:30 today and after dining, took 11 ballots before reaching an agreement. The first ballot was said to have been near to a tie. Judge Coombs, of Frankfort who has presided over the case, left for his home early this afternoon and by agreement of the attorneys, Judge West received the verdict. Mrs. Cunningham smiled as the verdict was read and a number of her friends who have attended the trail came forward and shook hands with her, offering congratulations. A record time for the trial of a criminal case was established in the hearing. The examination of prospective jurors was started Monday. By one, the jury was chosen and by 4 the last wintess had been questioned. The arguments by attorneys on both sides were well advanced Monday evening. Great time was made, considering that the case was a criminal one. The introduction of a skeleton spinal column by the defense in order that Mrs. Cunningham might tell exactly how the chriopractic theory works was a feature of the taking of testimony in the case Monday. Some mirth was aroused when the prosecution objected to the spinal column since as they claimed it was not the spine of any of the witnesses in the case. The objection was overruled. Mrs. Cunningham using the bones to show the jurors just how the vertebra gets out of shape and are put back in position, pointed out the features of the treatment she gives. 'We relieve the pressure on nerves going to the organs of the body affected,' said the defendant on the stand, 'and nature adjusts the rest.' But 3 witnesses besides Mrs. Cunningham were called during the trail. They were all men and women whom the defendant in the suit had treated. They were Mr. Harlow; Mr. Remley and Mrs. Cox. -- typed by kbz

Source: Waynetown Despatch Friday, May 26, 1916

Mrs. Ellen Cunningham, chiropractor of Crawfordsville, brought into the county court on the charge of practicing medicine without a license, was tried before a jury  on Monday and Tuesday and after the jury had been out deliberating for a couple of hours, a verdict was brought in that she was not guilty. The case has attracted considerable attention over the county and quite a number attended the trial while many others were intensely interested in learning the result of the trial. Mrs. Cunningham has treated several of our people and still has patients here who were interested in the outcome of the trial. -s

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