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Coughlin - Thomas


Source: History of Our Cradle Land - Edgerton (Kansas) - found in Paola, Kansas library

Thomas COUGHLIN died at his farm in Richland township, Miami County, Kansas, Saturday, January 10, 1920 at the age of 93 years, 5 months, and 15 days. He was a great character, a natural leader of men, who was above the petty dissensions of life, fair minded and just. He was a true Christian and practiced it every day of his life. Mr. Coughlin was born July 26, 1826, his life reaching far into two centuries. His birthplace was the town of Moate, County of West Meath, Ireland. His father lived on seven acres of rented land, which he farmed by the use of a spade. Thomas came to America in 1849, requiring seven weeks and three days to make the voyage. He was sick three months and in quarantine in the ciy of New York after his arrival. As soon as he was able, he hired to a farmer in New Jersey and worked for $6.00 a month during the winter and for $15 a month during harvest. In 1852 he went to Crawfordsville, Indiana. The same year he sent for his father and brother to come to this country and sent them $40 to pay for their voyage. He came to Kansas March 19, 1858. (There are three or four more paragraphs, including his marriage to Miss Bridget McLaughlin, his Crawfordsville, Indiana sweetheart in 1868 in Kansas City.)

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