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Cornell - Samuel


Source: H.W. Beckwith's History of Montgomery County, IN (Chicago: HH Hill), 1881 page 364

In 1828, Samuel CORNELL entered the W 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec. 6 (Walnut Twp). He brought his wife, Hannah (McLAUGHLIN) and was accompanied by his brother, William. Samuel Cornell was a thorough temperance man and opposed to the use of intoxicating liquors at log rollings, houseraisings, harvestings, etc. Accordingly he announced his principles, and when the time came to raise his house no one appeared, while on such occasions the neighbors for miles around were wont to gather together the men and lads to work in daylight and the women to talk and at night the lassies and laddies to dance and make merry. A good old Quaker hearing of the staunch temperance man, soon rallied help and the house was raised.

The influence of this man finally triumphed over intemperance and whisky at such gatherings became a custom of the past.

Mr. Cornell d. Dec 2, 1846, leaving a wife and two children. In 1828 John Young, William Wilson, Smauel Schooley and his son, John, Moses and Joseph Stewart, Ebenezer KAKE, WIlliam b. HENADLEY, Moses WILLIAMS, Solomon BECK, took out patents for land. On the land of the last named, Beckville afterward became a short lived hamlet. The year 1829 brought others, seeking home cheap and new, among whom were William CODDINGTON; John WATTS; James B. KEYNYON; John FURGESON; HF BECK; Jesse GOBEN.  -- typed by kbz
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