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Cook - Gertrude


{Slanderous Gossip Alert]

Source: Crawfordsville Review Friday April 21, 1916

The Darlington community and for that matter, many persons in Montgomery and Fountain counties have been trying for the last days to determine whether they have a right to put two and two together and from the sum, deduct a startling bit of news. The two incidents that would likely make a story are to be had but whether they have any relation to each other is the unsolved factor in the problem. Gertude Cook owner of the Darlington Echo sold out - stating she was going northwest for a rest in search of her health. Her parents went away about the same time. Yesterday her parents came home and expressed surprise in not finding her at their Darlington home. Carl Morrison, one time Marshal of Darlington but later editor of the paper owned by Cook was driven to Crawfordsville in an auto last Saturday and has not as yet returned to his family. Associated with the young woman was Albert Shawber, a printer. Shawber was a married man his wife and children living in Ohio. It was rumored the wife refused to get a divorce or permit him to get one. Nearly two years ago Shawber was killed by falling from a rear door at the Echo office while carrying in a bucket of coal. No one was present at the accident but Miss Cook in the front of the office. After the death of Shawber, Miss Cook continued to run the paper with hired help. Less than a year ago, Carl Morrison a married man and engaged in the draying and transfer business became identified with the paper and in a few of the last issues under the management of Miss Cook appeared as editor thereof. Morrison was a big, likeable man, well related, married and father of two children. Rumor, however must needs wag a tongue. The ravelings were to the effect that the two, Morrison and Cook were too often together, seen though they were fellow workmen. A fortnight ago Miss Cook sold the paper to Mr. Marshall for the lump sum of $1500. Saturday last the young lady cashed the check and drew the money out in currency in hand. Small bills. Quite a wad of money for a long girl. She boarded the train to Crawfordsville with it. Did Miss Cook go to the Dakotas in search of health? She might have done so and within her rights as a business woman. Where is Carl Morrison? By every law, he should have given notice to his family that he had urgent business elsewhere ...
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