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Cedars - John


Source: Family Histories of Montgomery County, Indiana 1823-1988 (Paducah, Ky: Turner, 1988) p 114

John CEDARS was born Sept 1, 1820 in Trenton, NJ. His father came from England and is thought to have been named John. Young John was with his father who was drowned while swimming a horse in the Fox River of Va. His mother, a sister and he somehow met the MOSIER family from Maryland who was enroute to Oregon and joined them. Mary (Polly) Mosier was born April 6, 1820 somewhere in Maryland. John and she married in Indiana Feb 14, 1838 and continued on their way to Oregon. HOwever, they, his mother and Mary Poll's brothers, John and Will Mosier returned from Illinoiis and settled near Newtown, IN. Some of the family made it to Oregon, though as there is a town named Mosier. John's mother remarried and was called "Grandma Fowler,' living and dying at Attica. Her daughter became John SHiel's wife and mother of Em Westfall. (Burton, Charles, Oscar & Goldie May picture here). John and Mary Mosier Cedars bourhg qa farm 4 miles SE of Wayentown paying for it with gold. So they called it the "GOld Farm." Here they celebrated their Golden Wedding Feb 14, 1888. Their five children were Mary Jane; Thomas Jefferson; Sarah; William Franklin and George Washington. Mary Polly was left-handed; she died Oct 14, 1904. John was a farmer and Democrat; also a member of the Predestinarian Baptist Church, Elmdale. he died in his home CHristmas Day, 1909. Jane married a Shafer and had 7 children: Wal; Harry; Howard; Ella; Sarah; Rhoda and Florence. Thomas Jefferson married Jemima Whitaker and had 3 children: John; Robert and Mary. Sarah married a Smith (James married in Montgomery County in 1862) and had a daughter, Mellanie. Frank married 1st Sarah (Shafer) and had Albert, then 2nd Edna (Gegner) and had William Verne. George lived on with his parents until they died. He married Margaret E. SINGER and have five children, four living: Burt, Charles, Oscar and Goldie. Submitted by: Mary Elizabeth Cedars. -- typed by kbz
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