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Carter - James M.


Source: 1913 History of Montgomery County, Indiana.                  Indianapolis: AW Bowen, 1913 p 1085

Scott Township, Montgomery County, can boast of no better farmer                  than James M. Carter, widely known and highly respected as one                  of the most energetic, self-reliant and enterprising citizens                  of the eastern part of the County. He has been (for many years)                  intimately associated with the best interests and upward progress                  of his neighborhood, and to his personal influence and efforts                  are due many of valuable and permanent improvements of the locality.                  One of the older settlers, he has not only been an eye witness                  of part of the wonderful growth and development of his adopted                  County but has actively participated in the changing scenes                  and has accumulated a valuable store of historical reminiscence.                  Mr. Carter was born in Putnam Co, in on Sept. 14, 1840. He is                  a son of Othias and Artimessia (GRIMES) Carter. The father was                  born in Masonic Co, KY Feb 8, 1804 and his death occurred in                  Montgomery Co Indiana on Feb 15, 1870. The mother of our subject                  was born in Bath Co, KY Feb 2, 1806.

They grew up in the Blue                  Grass state, received such educational advantages as the early                  schools of the County afforded and there they were married,                  removing the same year to Monroe Co, Indiana making the trip                  in a two-wheeled cart drawn by a yoke of oxen. They bought a                  farm in Monroe Co. and lived there until 1839, when they moved                  to Russell Twp, Putnam Co. where they bought the farm on which                  James M. Carter was born. Only a small portion of the place                  had been cleared, and after our subject was large enough to                  work he helped clear the rest of the land, but he spent a part                  of the winter months in the neighboring schools. The family                  remained there until 1862, then sold out and moved into the                  SW part of Scott Twp, 1/2 Mi. west of Parkersburg, and here                  the parents spent the rest of their lives. Ten children were                  born to them, an equal number of sons and daughters namely:                  Nancy married Enoch RAILSBACK and lived most of her life in                  Scott Twp; Elizabeth who remained unmarried, died when 80 years                  old, in the winter of 1911-12.; William Simpson d. in Mo. when                  about 70 years old, leaving a wife and 3 sons; Daniel Thomas                  lived in Scott Twp until his death in May 1906; leaving a widow,                  who is now living in Russellville, Indiana; Lucinda, widow of                  John RAILSBACK, deceased and she now lives in New Mexico; Parmelia                  married William EVERMAN and they are both now deceased; John                  Edward lived in Putnam Co and later in life near Parkersburg;                  this co, and he is survived by one grandson Otto FOWLER of Waveland;                  James M, subj. of this sketch; Lucretia who marr. Abraham FINK                  lives on the old Carter homestead, a half mile west of Parkersburg.                  Eli, the youngest, lives in Putnam Co, near Bainbridge. James                  M. Carter grew to manhood on the old home place in Putnam Co.                  and lived there until 1862, when he removed with his parents                  to Montgomery Co, the family locating near Parkersburg.

He was                  married Nov 16, 1863 to Sarah Frances WARBRITTON, daughter of                  Peter and Phoebe (NELSON) Warbritton. She was born in the center                  part of Scott Twp, where the Warbritton brothers now live. Her                  father was born in VA, but went to KY when quite young, and                  they came to Montgomery Co, Indiana from Bath Co KY, in pioneer                  times. They entered land from the government as least as early                  as 1829, when the County was just being settled, and he took                  his part in the log rollings and other pioneer events, and Mr.                  Warbritton worked as hard as every man did in clearing and developing                  his land. He later told frequently of the various wild animals                  he saw here and how the wolves disturbed his nightly slumber.                  Mrs. Carter, who was born in 1840 recalls that even in her day                  a bear was killed not far from their home. Phoebe Nelson was                  born in KY, and was a daughter of Samuel and Ana Nelson, also                  pioneers of Scott Twp. Peter Warbritton and wife lived the rest                  of their lives on the farm they entered from the government.                  Thirteen children were born to them, all of whom grew to maturity;                  and all but four are still living. They were: Martha Jane, deceased,                  wife of George E. GRIMES, also deceased; Samuel Warbritton of                  New Market; John lives in Garnett, Ks; Reuben lives in Sedalia,                  Missouri; Charles lives near Moody, Arkansas Henry lives at                  Raccoon, Putnam Co; Sarah Frances, wife of James M. Carter,                  our subject; Andrew lives on the old home place in the central                  part of Scott Twp; Ana, deceased, was the wife of Joseph LENOVER                  of Danville, Ill; Cynthia Ann, deceased, remained unmarried;                  lived on the old home place and died when about 34 years old.                  Daniel lives on the old homestead, his wife, Nancy L, dying                  some time ago, leaving one daughter, Iola WORTHINGTON. Mahala,                  died soon after her marriage to George TAYLOR; George Warbritton,                  who married Lyda TATTOCK, lives on the old homeplace. Two children                  were born to Mr. & Mrs. Carter, namely: Robert Sherman Carter,                  who died on Oct 11, 1876 at the age of 11 years; and another                  son that died in infancy, unnamed. After James M. Carter married                  he rented part of his father's farm and farmed there about 10                  years, getting a good start. He then moved to Missouri and engaged                  in farming in that state for one year. He then returned to this                  County in 1870 and purchased 80 acres, Sec 20, this farm being                  located near Lapland. The land was timbered, but he cleared                  it in due course of time, after a great deal of very hard work.                  Being a man of courage he never gave over the task until he                  had developed a good farm and established a comfortable home                  in which he has now been residing for 40 years. Mr. & Mrs. Carter                  both belong to the Primitive Baptist Church holding their membership                  in the Indian Creek Church. They are regarded as excellent people                  by their neighbors, being liked and trusted by all who know                  them.
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