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Canine - John Jackson


Source: H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County, Indiana (Chicago: HH Hill, 1881) p. 353

J.J. CANINE, farmer, Waveland, was born in Brown Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana, Sept 11, 1833. He is the son of Ralph and Margaret ( WARMAN) Canine, who came to the County in 1826. The subject of this sketch now lives on the farm where his father settled. in 1854 JJ Canine marr. Miss Sarah J. FOSTER, dau. of Robert & Susan ( JONES) Foster. She was born in this County Feb 18, 1834. They have one child living, Mary M.W. and two deceased, Robert S. and one in infancy. Mr. Canine is the owner of a fine farm of 279 acres with good improvements. He has been a member of the Old School Baptist Church since 1854. -- typed by kbz
Source: Hiram Pratt's 1911 Diary -- Pratt was a barber in Waveland, Indiana for ma ny years and often wrote about the people in the community

Monday June 12 -- $1.00.  Cloudy most of the day. 74.  I spent a good port ion of the forenoon at home picking red cherries.  Last Saturday paid by c heck 43.15 for 30 gal of gasoline. Eva caned 8 quarts of cherries this aft ernoon. JJ Canine an old man living about 2 miles north of town died th is afternoon. This forenoon he visited a sick friend near Brownsvalley.
Source; The Crawfordsville Journal                                                  Crawfordsville, Indiana
The following is the story of Elder CanineĀ®

's life written by himsel f.  J. J. Canine, born September the 11th in the year 1833 in Montgomer y, Indiana on the farm where he spent his life; united in marriage with Sarah Foster. The 23rd day of March, 1854.To them three children were bor n, two sons and one daughter. The daughter only survives him (now Ma ry M. W. Oldshue).  In my early life from sixteen to eighteen years w as an avowed infidel.  I did not believe in God or any hereafter.  I on ly believed that when man died he goeth to the grave and that was the la st of him.  But alas! One day when alone one beautiful evening, the sun shining bright, the thought came as if it were spoken, if there is no G od in heaven, who causes the sun to move its regular bounds every day?  The moon and stars to fill their place?  The winter and summer?  The rain a nd snow to come down to water the earth to cause it to bring forth bre ad to the eater and seed to be sowed?  The little spears of grass with everything in nature all looking beautiful?  If there is no God in heaven who causes all this?  Man can't do these things.  Then and there I was made to see that I had sinned against God in denying him and his power, so I went to work under the law to try to please that God that I felt l ike I had offended in denying him.  But in all my work it seemed to be a failure, so I felt like I was without any hope of a hereafter, and whi le in that condition it appeared to me as a word spoken to me that God th at protected Daniel in the lionĀ®s den can protect you.  I then felt some r elief of mind.  But the question soon came up, will he protect me?  I know he can, but will he protect me?  (This was in March, when I was in my twentieth year).  So I was left to fear, feeling I know he can, but wi ll he protect me, until in the following September I received this messag e.  I believe from a higher power than man, one that never fails in a ny of his promises, to-wit:  The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, The sun forbear to shine, But God who calls me here below will be forever m ine.  I then felt like it was enough.  I then thought that my troubles were all over.  I then could sing that good old hymn:  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; once was lost but now I am foun d, was blind but now I see.  I was then made to see Jesus, the way, the truth and the life-Jesus the Savior of poor sinners, of which I was one.  I was made to know that I was a sinner.  Then I believed.  I had a Savior, one that was able to save - typed by kbz.

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