1925 pupils at Weisbach School

This school was known by locals as the Little Red Schoolhouse and is still standing just north-east of Shoals. This information comes from an old poorly xeroxed copy of a little pamphlet. The sheets are held together with string. It says on the front "Souvenir close of school" and has a picture of the teacher on the front. It lists the students, has a few poems, and has a picture of the school and a student on the last page. Contributed by LaDonna Leavens Walen.

Weisbach School District No. 7, Halbert Twp, Martin County, Indiana, 1925:

Flo Olive Dorsett, Teacher

7th Grade:
Glendora King

6th Grade:
Clarence Albright

5th Grade:
Cleo Albright
Luella Survance
Waneda Survance
Charley Gerkin

4th Grade:
Irene Weisbach
Mabel Survance
Thelma Montgomery
Madge Hamilton
Eliza Albright

3rd Grade:
Dorothy Allegree
Walton Albright
John Survance

2nd Grade:
Edna Gene Atkinson

1st Grade:
Mae Allen
Lillie Survance

R. V. Edigton, County Superintendent
J. H. Hawking, Township Trustee

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