Social Agencies

This information is from Harry Q. Holt's History of Martin County, and is being used here with permission.

Shoals White River Masonic Lodge, No. 332.
Formed on May 31, 1866 with these officers:
Zeno W. Coffin - Worshipful master
Thomas M. Clark - senior warden
Otho Hoffman - junior warden

Later members with over fifty years of service included:
Harlan Acre
Arthur M. Mollett
Everett Stiles
Edgar Witcher
Jesse A. Wood

Loogootee Improved Order of Odd Fellows, No. 340
Chartered November 17, 1869 with these officers and members:
H. S. Parmenter - noble grand
Ferguerson Clements - vice-grand
Isaac Webster - secretary
Duke Fraim
A.L. Hall
Aaron Ruggles
John W. Sefrit

Shoals Mt. Moriah Rebekah Lodge, 133
Formed December 16, 1874 with these charter members:
A.D. and Sarah Beck
J.B. and Isabelle Disken
Peter and Minerva Edmondson
E.W. and Eliza Jennison
John T. and Julia Montgomery
M. Reeve
M.B. and Sarah Shern
A. L. and Lydia Town
Samuel P. and Sophia Yenne

Loogootee Lodge, No. 626, of Free and Accepted Master Masons
First meeting on December 12, 1898; charter granted on May 23, 1899.
First meeting was held at the office of Dr. Stephen W. Brittain with these Master Masons in attendance:
Daniel W. Davis
William Houghton
Levi A. Killion
James B. Love
James A. Moore
Andrew J. Petric
Dr. Abraham W. Porter
John J. Reinhart
George W. Shirey
Dr. Jesse Trueblood
William C. Van Hoy

Loogootee Council, No. 732, of Knights of Columbus
First class of candidates initiated February 8, 1903.
Richard Gootee - grand knight
Charter members:
Joseph B. Ackerman
Wilbur B. Acton
George A., George J., Joseph P., and Walter J. Arvin
William P. Broderick
John E. Cissell
A.J. Cunningham
Charles H., John S., John T. and William T. Cushing
M.M. Dooley
August Eckstein
James E. Grannan
J. M. Green
George F. Jones
William P. Larkin
Charles W. and Roy B. Lawhead
Hugh Lythgoe, Sr.
William D. Madden
Rev. John McCabe
Patrick J. Moran
George O. Norris
James C. and Louis E. O'Brien
Florien, Sanford, William and William J. Patterson
Henry E. Schroeder
William J. Seals
Thomas A. Shircliff
George L., Joseph P., and Walter J. Smith
James C. Tewell
Charles C. Van Hoy
Samuel A. Walker
Belmer D. and James H. Williams

Shoals Chapter of Eastern Star, No. 368
Chartered April 26, 1911
Nina W. Griest - worthy matron
Oscar H. Shirley - worthy patron
Ella Long - associate matron
Edna Yenne - secretary
Margaret Ross - treasurer
Mabel Stiles - conductress
Trevelle Jones - associate conductress
Some longtime members and year in which they joined:
Bertha Runyon - 1913
Edgar Witcher - 1916
Lenna Morris Gaddis - 1917
Parapa McCavit - 1919
Ruby Hotz Stiles - 1919
Helen Baker Cropp - 1921
Jane Wagoner - 1921
Lulu S. Wood - 1923

Loogootee Chapter of Eastern Star, No. 496
Organized February 5, 1925
First officers were:
Geneva S. Jay - worthy matron
Edward Sanders - worthy patron
Sarah M. Ketcham - associate matron
Anna Burgher - secretary
Louella Wininger - treasurer
Leota Dilley - conductress
Virginia Lyon - associate conductress
Other charter members were:
Adelia Batchelor
Kathleen Brittain
John H. and Pearl Casey
Effie Correll
Jeanette and Kenner K. Dilley
Lilly Belle and William Green
Walter L., Jay, Emma, Lilley and William Lyon
Augusta and William Mosier
Albert A. and Nannie Neligh
Amanda S. Sander
William Wininger
Bruce S. and Charity Wright
Clarie Stewart Young

Loogootee Queen of Hope Circle, Daughters of Isabella
(An organization of Catholic Women)
Formed June 4, 1944
First officers were:
Rev. Ralph Doyle, chaplain
Mary A. Kunkler, regent
Helen R. Smith, vice-regent
Helen Middleton - honory past regent
Elizabeth Summers - recording secretary
Doris Summers Nordoff - financial secretary
Berkeley Jones - treasurer
Bertha Livers Kennedy - scribe
Eva Nolan - chancellor
Mary Fegan Hagerty - custodian
Gladys Sides - monitor
Helen Sides - innder guard
Anna Haag - outer guard
Mary Dooley O'Brien - trustee
Katherine Reynolds - trustee
Virginia Smith Baker - first guide
Pauline Hamilton - second guide
Alberta Padgett - banner bearer
Dorothy Walker - organist
Other charter members were:
Ester Arvin
Margaret Catherine Ash
Lillian Bauer
Bridget Bowling
Genevieve, Marie E., Myrtle, Nellie and Pearl Brown
Catherine and Mary Burger
Margaret Cantrall
Catherine Strange
Mae Colvin
Virginia Crowder
Lillian Daily
Margaret Dant
Verda Disser
Sophia Dowling
Agnes and Marie Doyle
Agnes, Mary E., and Myrtle Gootee
Margaret and Mary Grannan
Helen Hagerty
Anna Haigerty
Molitha Harding
Angela and Ester Holland
Frances Hotz
Eileen, Lena, Leona, Lillian and May Jones
Ann and Mae Kidwell
Lorena Larkin
Edith and Ester Lents
Linnie Livers
Alberta, Beatrice, Elizabeth and Florence Matthews
Marie and Marjorie Montgomery
Margaret Myers
Inez McDonald
Elizabeth and Mae McGovren
Mary and Pauline Neideffer
Bernadette, Georgia, Hazel, Louise and Veronica Norris
Margaret and Monica O'Brian
Anastacia and Catherine O'Neal
Margaret Palladino
Bonnie Pride
Beatrice and Marjorie Queen
Clara Raney
Margaret Risacher
Lina and Mary J. Smith
Mary Spaulding
Louise Stiles
Bernice Stinebaugh
Clara and Mabel Summers
Margaret Thompson
Emma Turk
Catherine Updike
Mary Van Hoy
Agnes E., Eleanor, and Marguerite Walker
Teresa Willis
Olive Zollars

Loogootee Women's Club
Organized in 1915
First officers were:
Frances Brownback Hays - president
Louella Casey Penrod - Vice president
Mary Walker O'Brien - Secretary
Cora Lein Hoffman - treasurer
Other charter members were:
Harriet Brooks Ackerman
Lillian F. Baker
Catherine Campbell Boner
Leola Trueblook Brooks
Mary Reynolds Brooks
Lena Yeager Crooke
Susan McClesky Davis
Lorena Ackerman Larkin
Mae O'Brien Moser
Augusta Huebner Mosier
Emma Penrod Norris
Mary Dooley O'Brien
Imelda Oppelt
Mary Breen Reynolds
Agatha and Margaret Walker Risacher
Elizabeth Brooks Schilling
Susie Schwey
Laura Mears Shircliff
Lena Brown Smith
Anna Campbell Strange
Nettie Cline Trueblood
Effie Casey Van Hoy
Emma Beckett
Mary Larkin Walker
Bonnie Williams Wood

Shoals Woman's Club
Formed in 1930 as the Purdue Homemakers Club, but name was changed in 1937 to The Study Club, and became affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs.
First officers were:
Cora Osborn - president
Anna Strange - vice-president
Margaret McCarty Force - secretary-treasurer
Other charter members were:
Mariette Albaugh
Rosabelle Neighbors Brown
Marie Sides Brown
Opal Breidenbaugh
Helen Baker Cropp
Hazel P. Day
Oma J. Denny
Rae Dowell
Helen Force
Bertha Gwin
Grace Jones
Ella Long
Louisa Morris
Isabelle P. Neighbors
Mara L. Freeman Peek
Pearl Shanks
Mary Stone
Flora and Emma Terry
Flora Walters
Effie Williams
Lulu S. Wood

Delta Tau Chapter of the Tri Kappa Sorority
Organized at Loogootee on November 29, 1941
First officers were:
Leola Trueblood Brooks - president
Harriet Brooks Ackerman - vice-president
Eva Gilkison - treasurer
Rosabelle Neighbors Brown - corresponding secretary
Lulu S. Wood - recording secretary
Other Charter members were:
Jean Wood Bell
Marie Sides Brown
Betty Ackerman Dillon
Mildred Hopkins Doyle
Mary O'Neal Foster
Mary Fegan Hagerty
Pauline Jones
Mary Dooley O'Brien
Margaret Smith Palladino
Marcella Michaels Risacher
Mary O'Brien Sharum
Alma O'Neal Walker

Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Gamma Iota Chapter at Shoals
Organized in August 1948
First officers were:
Rena (Billie) McCameron - president
Blanche E. Dollens - vice president
Laura Marshall - corresponding secretary
Hope Mountford - recording secretary
Mildred Queen - treasurer
Ruth Pratt - conductress
Louise Spradley - pianist
Other charter members were:
Carrie Elizabeth Brown
Helen Baker Cropp
Lois Earl Harding
Rosabelle Queen
Doris Tredway

Home Economics Clubs
Leaders of the activities and dates of starting services:
Fannybelle Cox - 1936
Margaret Martens - 1937
Marjorid Dierdorf - 1957
Delores McCampbell - 1962
Mary Lee Hicks - 1964

Local Home Economics Clubs, dates of organization, and first presidents:
Hindostan - 1930 - Helen Force
Powell Valley - 1932 - MarionJ. Loveall
Dover Hill - 1933 - Ruth Dye
Rusk - 1934 - Violet Jones
Perry Twp. - 1935 - Gladys Butcher
Jolly Mixers - 1936 - Ethel Hitchcock
V.C. Meredith - 1938 - Janet Jenner
Sunshine - 1938 - Cora Fields
Happy Homemakers - 1938 - Elnora Hoffman
Natchez - 1948 - Selma Allen
Town & County - 1951 - Ruth Billings
Friendship - 1951 - Marge Hewitt
Charm 'n Chatter - 1959 - Betty Lindley
Burns City - 1930-38 - Mary Strange (Reorganized in 1963)

The members select one woman annually from all of the clubs to serve as president of the county organizations. Persons who served as president were:
1932-33 - Lulu S. Wood
1934-35 - Rosabelle Neighbors Brown
1936-37 - Helen Force
1938-39 - Gladys Butcher
1940 - Ethel Fegan
1941 - Laura Ellis Baker
1942 - Iva Brooks
1943 - Thelma Woods
1944-45 - Ruth Dye
1946 - Vera Kutch Lyon
1947 - Amy Walters
1948 - Io N. Crim
1949-50 - Dorothy Powell
1951 - Ruth Billings
1952-54 - Clossil Souerdike
1955-56 - Evelyn Peek
1957-58 - Edna Powell
1959 - Joyce Purkhiser
1960 - Kathleen Thrash
1961-62 - Edna Powell
1963-64 - Mona Enkoff
1965 - Catherine Jones and Leatise Crim

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