Shoals in 1890

From the 1890 Indiana Gazetteer & Business Directory
(reprinted by The Bookmark, Knightstown, IN) Used with permission.

Thanks to Kim Brady for contributing this information!

The county seat of Martin county, is a growing town of 1,000 inhabitants, located on White river and the O. & M. Ry. in Halbert township, 42 miles east of Vincennes. It was settled in 1844 by James Horsey, and was called Memphis until 1872, when it was incorporated under the name of Shoals. Shoals contains 3 churches--Methodist, Christian and Catholic, 1 bank, 1 graded school, 3 hotels, and supports one weekly newspaper--Martin County News. One saw mill, 1 planing mill, 1 leather factory, 1 pottery, 2 stave factories, 2 flour mills and spoke works, are the principal manufactories operated. Exp., B. & O. Tel., W. U. Money order office. S. M. Reeve, postmaster.

Albaugh John P, general store.
Albaugh Samuel, live stock.
Baker James M, propr Baker house and grocer.
Brooks Thomas J, lawyer.
Brown Wm L, blacksmith.
Catterson James W, lawyer.
Clarke & Dobbins, lawyers.
Commercial Hotel, James W Kennedy Propr.
Crim Frank B, dentist.
Davis John P, saloon.
Davis Richard F, grocer.
Driscoll Daniel, propr Farmers' hotel.
Dunaway Isaac R, justice and lawyer.
Farmers' Hotel, Daniel Driscoll propr.
Freeman James B, flour mill and gen store.
Gammon Jackson, coal mine.
Gammon Philip, coal mine.
Green Wm G, general store.
Hacker & Davis, proprs Martin County News.
Halschapel Mrs Wm H, carpet weaver.
Hawkins James P, general store.
Hawkins & Hawkins, saloon.
Higgins Robert, live stock.
Houghton Hilary, lawyer.
Hunt Robert E, agent O & M Ry.
Johnson Thomas J, druggist.
Johnson Chenoweth & Co, flour mill.
Johnson & Chenoweth, general store.
Kennedy James W, Propr Commercial Hotel.
Kreusel Wm, barber.
Lehrburger Solomon, clothing.
Lucas Wm, shoemaker.
Luzader Alexander, general store.
Mahany James, books.
Marshall James B, real estate.
Martin County Bank (capital, $25,000), Michael Shirey pres, J L Passel cash.
Martin County News, Hacker & Davis editors and proprs.
Meyer Mrs. Elizabeth, harness.
Miller Joseph F, barber.
Mohr Charles H, saloon.
Motsinger & Motsinger, druggists.
Myers Joseph H, general store.
Nutt Isaac P, physician.
Passel Mrs Emma, milliner.
Penrod Simon S, lawyer.
Reeve Samuel M, lawyer and insurance.
Renecker James, coal miner.
Rogers James T, lawyer.
Rogers Mrs. Pauline, milliner.
Ross Samuel H, druggist.
Sanders Jefferson D, Grocer, Confectionery, Fruits and Restaurant.
Shaw Clinton M, grocer.
Shirley Henry W, physician.
Shirey M & Son, furniture.
Smith Wm K, hardware.
Solomon & Stillwell, clothing.
Steele Hamilton M, plasterer.
Stewart Jason L, staves.
Swords Kinsey, plasterer.
Trueblood Leonard B, jeweler.
Vogle Frederick, shoemaker.
Walls George W, physician.
Wilds Wm, saloon.
Williams Allen, grocer.
Woods & Bro, meat market.
Yenne Samuel P, livery.