M.E. Church Deed

This deed for land donated to the M.E. Church in Martin County was submitted by Steve Morrison.

Martin County Deed Records IND 1-051A13
Received for Record May 17, 1875 at 8 AM
David A Norcross, Recorder

Robert MORRISON and Wife Warrant to Trustees M. E. Church

This Indenture Witnesseth, that Robert Morrison and Mary J. Morrison of Martin County in the State of Indiana, Convey and Warrant to the Trustees of M. E. Church of Martin County in the State of Indiana for the sum of ten dollars the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the following Real Estate, in Martin County in the State of Indiana to wit: Part of the North West quarter of the North West quarter of Section One (1) Town two (2) North Range three (3) West, more particularly bounded and described as follows, commencing at point 21 rods South of the North West Corner of said Section One on the Section Line between Sections One and Two thence East About nine rods to the line of the lands of S. D. Batchelon heirs Thence a long said line and a little East of South to the road thence along the meander of the road, Southward to a point due East of a point of said Section line, 12 rods of the place of beginning, thence West to the Section line, thence North 12 rods to the place of beginning, containing one acre more or less.

In Witness Whereof, The said Robert Morrison and Mary J Morrison have hereunto set their hands and seals this 15th day of May 18, 1875,

Robert Morrison (seal) Mary J Morrison (seal)

State of Indiana, Martin County SS: before me William Graball a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, this 15th day of May 1875. Robert Morrison and his wife Mary J Morrison acknowledged the execution of the annexed Deed.

Witness my hand and official seal William Graball J. P. (seal)

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