Early Doctors

This material is from the July 1997 issue of "Footprints of Martin County, Indiana" published by the Martin County Genealogical Society
Some of these names have been linked to a short biography.

Loogootee Doctors:
License Name Age Born
M.M. Dooley 39 St. John's Newfoundland 1897
J.C. Trueblood 46 Lawrence Co. IN 1897
A.W. Porter 62 Carroll Co. IN 1898
Mark H. Ragsdale 62 Daviess Co. IN 1900
Harry Leslie Myer 21 Louisville, KY 1901
Thos. N. Braxton 24 Paoli, IN 1902
Walter C. Sherwood Bryantsville,Lawrence Co. IN 1904
John Wm. Strange Wayne Co. IN 1904
Frank M. Baker 28 Bramble, IN 1906
Geo. Washington 28 Martin Co. IN Boner Grad of Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville,KY 1906
Richard Anderson 26 Knox Co. IN Grad of Univ of St. Louis in St. Louis, MO 1910
Morton M. McCord 28 Daviess Co. IN1913
Joseph F. Michaels 1926 Francis X. McDonald 30 Witchita, KS Grad St. Louis School of Med.1926
Andrew J. Lane 1928 Bernard J. Mathews 29 Daviess Co. IN Grad Univ of St. Louis Medical College1937
Martin B. Strange Grad IN School of Medicine1947
James H. Richman 26 McCracken Co. KY Grad Louisville School of Med 1947
Rob't Earl Chattin 28 Washington, IN Grad I.U. School of Med.1953
Hugh Francis Gootee 30 Loogootee, IN Grad U of Loyola, Chicago, IL

No Date Given for the following:
John Breen
Stephen H. Brittain
John L. Campbell
W.S. Evans
S.D. McPherson
E.H. Oppelt
H.S. Parmenter
G.M. Robinson
J.S. Trueblood
Shoals Doctors:
1894     I. Nutt Plummer     60    Londonary, NH1897     
Henry W. Shirley 55 Orange Co. IN1897
Ed E. Long 28 Washington, IN1897
Geo. M. Freemen 30 Martin Co. IN1898
Wm. Henry Meyer 28 Haysville, IN1913
Solomon Dowell 59 Washington Co. IN1941
Karl Gaither Helms 36 Daviess Co. IN1947
Rob't Maschmeyer 32 Ind'pls, IN Grad I.U. School of Med.1955
Donald Beemblossom 35 Washington, Iowa Grad Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery
No Date Given For:         
Karl Helm
Charles E. Hope
Walter Sherwood
George W. Shirey
William Z. Smith
Charles E. Stone
G.W. Walls
Charles Yenne
Trinity Springs Doctors:
1897     Tirey C. Dollens    54    Harrison Co. OH
No Date Given For:         George F. Mallotte
Short Doctors:
1897     Benjamin C. Wright  34    Valeene, IN
Dover Hill Doctors:
1897     Jasper N. Sims      44    Martin Co. IN1903     
Luther M. Hamilton Owensburg, IN1905
Thomas A. Hays Loogootee, IN1941
Cleo Leo Vogele Grad Rush Medical College1944
Mervin H. Little 35 Hebron, CT Grad Harvard Med. School

No Date Given For:
W. F. Delameter
Columbus Hixson
Yenne Doctors:
1897     John H. Seneff      43    Tuscarawas Co. OH
Proctor Doctors:
1897     James D. Fife       24    Charlottesville, VA
Windom Doctors:
1904     Charles E. Stone    25    Shoals, IN
Indian Springs Doctors:
1905     John S. Gilkison    30    Martin Co. IN
No Date Given For:         
B.C. Wright
Crane Doctors:
1946    Horace Norton       33     Pike Co. IN Grad I.U. Med. School1949    
John R. Frommer 27 Lafayette, IN Grad U of MN Med. School
No Place Given:
1897    Ephraim W. Hammon   56     Darke Co OH1897    
S.H. Brittian 61 Salem, IN1897
Geo. M. Robinson 50 Tuscarawas Co. OH1904
Harlan M. Shirey

James H. Hoag Bartholemew Co. IN1908
Curtis C. Hamilton 24 Martin Co. IN Grad Eclectic Med Institute Cincinnati, OH1927
Wm. J. Crozier 66 Randolph Co. IL1930
Perry Warren Cheek Grad Central St. Chiropractic College1930
Clyde Avery 45 Shelby Co. IN Nat'l Chiropractic School Chicago, IL1961
Michael R. Dooley Grad I.U. School of Med.
The following list of early physicians comes from Harry Q. Holt's History of Martin County:
Lyman G. Austin
Lewis J. Baker
G.G. Barlow
G.C. Beaver
J.S. Blackburn
D. Bridewell
Lindsey Carr
M.J. Clements
R.N. Comstock
Steve Culmer
Moses N. Elrod
J.H. Fawcett
William C. Foster
H.S. Gaither
G.C. Mitchell
Charles H. Murray
W.T. Noblett
P.T. Oliphant
Laban Palmer
H.F. Palmer
Ezekiel Porter
Henry Sponsler
James K. Walker
N.W. William
D. Younger
Burns City Doctors:
T. A. Hays
John McDonald
Obidiah McNabb
Thomas Ranken
W.J. Thomas
Cale City Doctors:
John W. Pahymeyer
Hindostan Doctors:
James Porter
Lost River Doctors:
D.C. Brown
Frank Courtney
G.M. Dowd
Charles Hall
W.A. Line
Lee McAdams
Rodney Plummer
John H. Seneff
John W. Way
T.P. Young
Natchez Doctors:
Wick Smith
Rutherford Doctors:
H.B. Blagraves
William L. Gilkison
William Gray
J.M. Scott
Willow Valley Doctors:
James D. Fife

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