Early Cities and Towns

These are some of the towns that were platted in Martin County, the dates on which they were platted, and some of their early founders. This information is from Harry Q. Holt's History of Martin County, Vol II and is made available with the kind permission of the family.

Founders              Town Name               Date Platted
Philip Davis          Mount Pleasant          1817 Julius Johnson  John Reily
William Harris        Greenwich               1818
Caleb Fellows         Hindostan               1819 John Meriam  Frederick Sholts
William Huston        Harrisonville           1837
John P. Davis         Natchez                 1839
Joel Halbert          Memphis (Shoals)        1844 Mason J. Sherman
William Van Zandt     West Harrisonville      1845
George R. Proctor     Hillsborough            1845
John Wilson           Independence            1849
William Harryman      Lynn (Mountain Springs) 1849 Reuben Raney
Sheldon Fish         Pleasant Valley          1850 George Snodgrass
Christian Keck       Kecksville               1852
Isom Dougherty       McCormickstown           1853
Thomas N. Gootee     Loogootee                1853 (Platted as city in 1903)
Wilson Chenoweth     West Shoals              1867 Henry Henley  R.D. Stephens
Benjamin P. Devol    Ironton                  1873
Alfred Sims          Burns City               1889 Richard Williams
Levi Sims            Indian Springs           1889
Sarah Holder         Cale City                1889 Johnette and George Martin 
Oran B. and          Blankenship              1892 Mary J. Blankenship
U.S. Government      Crane                    1943 (not platted by lots)
Donald Burch         Scenic Hill              1945 Fred Wilkinson
Oliver Shively       Ridge View               1946
Villages often developed around churches, stores, and mills.Below are some early villages:
Early Leader         Village Name            Date
Whitfield Force      Whitfield               1820
Robert McNutt        Yenne                   1824
McClellan Jones      Rusk                    1838
James Powell         Powell Valley           1845 Richard Anderson
David Borland        Sargent                 1847
Isaac Haller         Windom                  1847 George Waggoner
Henry Terrell        Willow Valley           1850 James Fletcher  Edwin Elliott
Arthur D. Hastings   Mount Olive             1853 Lewis R. Williams
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