Stanfield (Connell) Cemetery
Lat 38 33' 18" N  Long 86 44' 23" W
Lost River Township
Extracted from "Cemeteries of Martin County" Volume I
As published by the Martin County Historical Society, 1971
Courtesy of Cathy Clark Beard

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Last Name First Name Born Died Other 
Emmons George 1874 1958  
Emmons Hattie 1879 1936  
Stanfield Laney 11/02/1804 8/19/1889  
Stanfield William 10/05/1799 5/30/1870  
Jones Susan 2/15/1829 4/08/1857 Wife of Wm. Jones
Stanfield Nancy 7/04/1837 7/13/1859 Wife of W. G. Stanfield
Connell Hiram 3/25/1843 12/30/1927  
Connell Anna 8/28/1847   His Wife
Connell Hiram 3/03/1846 12/30/1927 Troop "E" 13th Ind.; Civil War Marker
Connell   10/22/1862 10/22/1862 Infant Son of H. & A. Connell
Connell Diceye 12/18/1869 9/04/1870 Infant Dau. of H. & A. Connell
Emmons William 6/18/1836 7/21/1876  
Emmons Deborah 1/19/1844 2/02/1887