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1850 Census

from microfilms and from scanned images of these microfilms

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Townships: Towns Census Pages

Baker                          1a-8b (16 pages total)

Columbia                     69a-75b (16 Pages)

Key to special symbols used:

? behind the surname indicates that the surname was partially illegible and the  result is the attempt made by the transcriber.

? behind the given name indicates that the given name or initial was partially illegible and the result is the guess of the transcriber.

_  inside of a Given or Surname indicates the transcriber didn't venture to even try a guess.

Other notes bearing particularly on spellings in the archival record:

  1. The Transcriber has made NO ATTEMPT to correct or otherwise modify spellings. The spellings are what was found in the census.  
  2. Some spellings of names have changed since 1850. Names such as "Paley," "Barbary," or "Cyntha" are spelled differently today than they were then. The transcriber has made NO ATTEMPT to update the spellings to that of modern times..
  3. In a lot of cases the enumerator simply recorded the name incorrectly. The transcriber has not made any attempt to correct for spelling errors even if the correct spelling was known.
  4. Ink blots, attempts to write over entries, bad penmanship – made transcribing this census difficult. When these errors were present the transcriber made an attempt to spell the name but in all probability the name is incorrect to that of what was actually on the census. Don’t assume that an entry is incorrectly transcribed just because it doesn’t make sense. 
  5. Sometimes it was difficult to discern the penmanship of the enumerator. There was little variance to the letters, H, W, and N as well that of S, C and L. The transcriber used the best guess as to what the letter was.
  6. If you believe a record to have been transcribed incorrectly, please contact me to correct of the individual record. Please don't contact me to fix names that the enumerator incorrectly wrote. I will only be correcting names where there is question to what it was in the first place. 
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