Voter Lists 1838-1884

This list is extracted from poll books held at the Marshall County Research Library. This is before women were allowed to vote, so only men are listed. The original lists include a number indicating the order of the voters for a specific location and date, for example if a man was the fifth person to vote at a specific location and day, he was number 5. Because the original list had nearly 100,000 entries, that number is not included on this list to reduce the file sizes. The full election dates are also not provided here, only the year. The election date varied and there were multiple elections in some years. For specific election dates and townships that held elections on that day, see the Dates table.

Some men in the list were not registered to vote (not reg). Some were allowed to vote with an affidavit (aff). If an 'x' follows the year, the man was registered but did not vote in that election.

On the 4th of April, 1853, the vote was for the purpose of electing Justices of the Peace, Constables, Trustees, Clerks, Treasurers, and Road District Supervisors for the townships. Voters also voted for or against a license (no indication what the license was for) and a "fence viewer" was on the ballot for Tippecanoe. People took voting privileges quite seriously. Therefore, voting lists are a good way of placing a person in a given location at a given time. If your person of interest held property in multiple townships, this information may help you determine where he was living.

For a brief history of township formation in Marshall County, see this article.