Lawrence County Surnames

These are people who are researching various surnames in Lawrence county. Please click on a researcher's name to send him or her e-mail.
  Surname Researcher
A Adamson Ed Tarr
  Alexander Delores Lombardi
  Allen Jill Bradley
  Anderson Kerry M. Krempasky
    Jill Bradley
  Ard Gilbert Ard
  Armstrong Diana Isley
  Atchison / Etchison Rosemary Jones
B Bales Mac Elliott
  Bass Shirley Sipler
  Beasley Deanne Angell
  Beaver Fran Pennington
  Bender Diane Knight
  Bivins Frank Uffner
  Blair Brenda Weeks
  Bohall Sandi Shockley
  Bond Johnny Bond
  Boone Kerry M. Krempasky
    Doy L. Groenenberg
  Bowers Donna Conley
  Bridwell Ed Moore
  Brown Mary Lee Young
  Burton Mark Lempke
  Bush Donna Conley
C Calvin Rosemary Jones
  Cambron Robert Runyan
  Carroll Beth Manners
  Chaney Steve Thomas
  Chesnut Thomas E. Chesnut
    Steve Thomas
  Clampitt Delores Lombardi
  Clark Phyllis
  Coate Susan C. Lindberg
  Collins Beth Manners
  Conley / Connelly Donna Conley
  Conner Bill East
    Donna Smith
    Treva E. Peckham
  Constant Lena
  Cook Chuck Carey
    Mary Lee Young
  Cooper Cindy Cooper Jones
  Cosner Buck
  Coulter Jane Sarles
  Covey Lorna Adele (Sutherland) Lewis
  Cox Norman Cox
    Rosemary Jones
  Craig Jeaneen Terry Sons
D Dalton Dell Pendergrast
  Davis Merna Tucker
  Dixon Jill Bradley
  Dougherty Lee Dougherty
E East Bill East
  Edwards Norman Cox
  Etchison / Atchison Rosemary Jones
F Faubion Fran Pennington
  Faulkinbury Barbara Brazell
  Fields Diana Bechaver
  Fish Roberta Summers
  Fisher Donna Smith
  Fleetwood Carla Harris
  Flinn Jerry Wentworth
    Carol Brumley
    Marcie Smith
  Fountain Delores Lombardi
  Fry Jerry Wentworth
G Girdley Donna Smith
    Susan C. Lindberg
  Goodwin Stephanie Chidester Bradshaw
    Donna Conley
  Green Shelley Green
  Greer Mark Lempke
  Grindstaff Stephanie Chidester Bradshaw
  Grubb Carla Harris
    Carolyn Allen
  Guthrie Jerry Wentworth
H Hall Carla Harris
    Diana Isley
  Hamer John D. McMullen
  Hamilton / Hamelton Sharon Hamilton
  Hankins Darcy L. Drews
  Hanson Carla Harris
  Hayes Ed Tarr
  Hearth Sandi Shockley
  Hedrick Sandi Shockley
  Helton Chuck Carey
    Mac Elliott
    Penelope Helton
    Merna Tucker
  Henderson Mac Elliott
  Hillenburg Carla Harris
  Hollars Mo
  Hood Penelope Helton
  Howell Diana Isley
  Hudson Jerry Wentworth
  Hunter Carol Brumley
  Hurt Jeaneen Terry Sons
I Ikerd Roberta Summers
    Jerry Wentworth
  Inge Fran Pennington
  Inman Donna Smith
    Elizabeth Smith
J Jenkins Lora Jenkins Burris
  Jeter Mary Lee Young
  Jones Beth Manners
K Kale Roberta Summers
  Kerr Susan C. Lindberg
  Kinder Donna Smith
  Kindred Delores Lombardi
  Knott / Nott Phyl Vance
L Lawson Carla Harris
  Lemons Beth Manners
  Lewis Diana Isley
  Lillis Jill Bradley
  Link Diana Isley
  Linthicum Terry Linthicum
  Love Donna Conley
M Mathews / Mathis / Mathes Jill Bradley
  May Robert G. OMea
  Mayfield Kenneth Anderson
    Doy L. Groenenberg
    Donna Smith
  McAfee Diana Isley
  McCain Sue Jackson
  McClintock Diana Isley
  McEwen Jerry McCune
  McGuire Terry Linthicum
  Melton Steve Thomas
  Melvin Carolyn Jones
  Mitchaner Sandi Shockley
  Mitchell Tom Mitchell
    Donna Smith
    Jeaneen Terry Sons
  Monk Stephanie Bradshaw
    Debbie McKinney
  Munday Donna Conley
  Munday / Mundy Beth Manners
N Nance / Nantz Jill Bradley
P Pace John Hartley
  Peed Edward B. Peed
  Pendergras Dell Pendergrast
  Phillips Donna Smith
    Phyl Vance
  Pierce Lena
    Mark Lempke
  Pitman Tom Pitman
  Polley Ed Moore
  Pridemore Donna Conley
R Reedy Fran Pennington
  Rodenberger Kat Rodenberger
  Ross Fran Pennington
  Rounds Diana Isley
S Sampson Susan C. Lindberg
  Schofield / Scofield Diana Isley
  Scoggan David L. Johnston
  Sears Rosemary Jones
  Seibert / Sibert Chanda S. Blitch
  Selby Jerry Wentworth
  Sellers / Sellars Debra Wiegand
  Sheeks Mary V. Giera
  Shields Carolyn Allen
  Short Doy L. Groenenberg
  Sinkard Donna Smith
  Skeen Steve Thomas
  Smallwood Bill Mason
  Smith Carolyn Jones
  Sons Cindy Cooper Jones
  Speer Jerry Wentworth
  Stannard Mark Lempke
  Starr Tim Fagan
  Steward Sandi Shockley
  Stewart Sandi Shockley
  Stultz Carolyn Allen
  Sutherland Cindy Cooper Jones
    Lorna Adele (Sutherland) Lewis
    Debra Wiegand
T Tarr Ed Tarr
  Terrell Howard W. Terrell
  Terrill Mac Elliott
  Terry Jeaneen Terry Sons
  Thompson Brenda Weeks
  Thorn(e) Steve Thomas
  Tincher Beth Manners
  Tomlinson Barbara Brazell
  Turpin Mac Elliott
V Voorhies Steve Thomas
  Voss Chuck Carey
W Waggoner Susan C. Lindberg
    Donna Smith
    Jeaneen Terry Sons
  Walker Chuck Carey
  Watson Richard D'Eon
  Wedgewood Cindy Cooper Jones
  Werner Viking7305 @
  West Jeaneen Terry Sons
  White Diana Bechaver
  Williams Kerry M. Krempasky
    Carolyn Allen
  Withman Lauralea Saddick
  Woolery Chuck Carey
    Jerry Wentworth
  Wray Delores Lombardi
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Web Sites & Groups
These are web pages or discussion groups which are dedicated to certain Lawrence county surnames. Click on a site's title to visit it.
  Surname Site
C Cook John & Sarah Cook
D Dalton Dalton Genealogy
E Eisele, etc. Kim's genealogy page
F Fountain, etc. Kim's genealogy page
G Greer Greer / Henderson
H Helton Adam & Polly Helton
    Andrew & Hannah Helton
    Arnold Helton
  Henderson Henderson / Greer
  Hickson Hickson in Indiana
  Howell, etc. Kim's genealogy page
L Linthicum Descendants of Richard Linthicum
M McGuire Descendants of John McGuire
N Neideffer Neideffer family
O Owens Owens family
R Roberts Roberts Genealogy
  Rush Rush Genealogy
S Speer, etc. Kim's genealogy page
T Terrell Facebook group — descendants of Edmund Terrell
V Voss Clement & Mary Voss
    John C. & Mary Voss
    Lorenzo D. & Elvira Voss
    William & Elizabeth Voss
W Walker John F. & Sarah Walker
  Williams Isaac Williams
    Rufus Williams
  Woody Woody family
  Woolery Woolery family
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