Debbie Jennings Photos

Some 28 photos were submitted to us by Debbie Jennings in February 2015. There's a small version of each photo below. Scroll down to see what might be of interest, then click on the reduced image to see the full-sized version of the same photo. After you've examined (and possibly printed) the photo, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

We hope you'll enjoy thumbing through this collection of early 20th Century views of the people and places of Lawrence county. If you have questions about a photo, or would like to provide additional information about it, which we could include in this page, please write to Debbie, mentioning the number, or numbers, of the photo(s) which you're writing about.

The paper copies of all these photos are in the possession of Maggie Neideigh, whose e-mail address is and who wishes to get them to the proper families.

Debbie's e-mail address:

1 — Amish pony rides
2 — Bill & Dick Morris - Spencer IN
3 — Daddy NaNa Wompler
[his surname may have been Wampler]
4 — ester 1930
5 — Esther McGuire - Bruella Vaught
6 — Esther Newland - Bill Knight
7 — esther newland 1920
8 — Esther Newland
9 — Jack Magerlein with Black Bart (horse)
10 — Jack-Leota-John Magerlien
11 — Jack
12 — john magerlein 1920
13 — Lora & Esther Newland
14 — Lora & Esther Newland1
15 — Leo & Mary Mansenberger
16 — Mary & Leo Mansenberger 9-4-1925
17 — Mary & Leo Mansenberger
18 — Mary & Leo Mansenberger1
19 — Mary & Leo Mansenberger2
20 — Miss Smith - neighbor
21 — Miss Smith - neighbor1
22 — Tom-Beebe Gray
23 — Uknown man at the beach
24 — Unknown couple1
25 — Unknown couple2
26 — Unknown sailor
27 — Unknown young man
28 — Workcrew at site

Debbie writes:

All but one family are living in Lawrence county from 1900-1930. Esther Newland appears to be daughter of Malcolm and Florence Newland.

The Magerleins were of Spencer and the photo of the man with the horse I think is same as Jack.

John and Lottie (Charlotte) are his parents on the porch.

I include a couple of census records on the Magerlein and the Newland families for your information.

There may be a connection between the Magerlein family and the Newland family.

I find Esther in the household of Malcolm (Mack) & Florence and later Esther married Albert Kruchton and her mother is found in the household with her and her husband.

I hope this info assists you. I cannot fix time on Dick and Bill Morris of Spencer.

I cannot find the Mansenbergers in census records, but they must have been.

I feel that the unknowns all connect.

Here's more—looking closely I think man on beach fits one of the unknown couples. I don't know who Bill Knight is with Esther Newland, but must be connected and in Lawrence County as the others are.

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