Bruce Bledsaw Photos

Here are some photos which were submitted to us by Bruce Bledsaw in February 2016. There's a small version of each photo below. Scroll down to see what might be of interest, then click on the reduced image to see the full-sized version of the same photo. After you've examined (and possibly printed) the photo, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

We hope you'll enjoy thumbing through this collection of 19th Century (or early 20th Century) views of the people and places of Lawrence county. If you have questions about a photo, or would like to provide additional information about it, which we could include in this page, please write to Bruce, mentioning the number, or numbers, of the photo(s) which you're writing about.

Bruce's e-mail address:

1 — "This is Hannigan Chesnut and his brother at Hanniganís shoe shop. I believe the shoe shop was in Bedford, Indiana."
2 — "This is the Hannigan Chesnut family of Lawrence Co., Indiana, most likely Bedford, IN. Hanniganís wife was my g-g-g-Grandmotherís sister, Frances Lindora Howell-Chesnut."
3 — "This is a photo of the Howell family from Kentucky who settled in around the Bedford, Indiana area. Left to rightÖSusan Elizabeth Howell-Owens-Zachary, Arad Monroe Howell, and Frances Lindora Howell-Chesnut. Frances was known as Fannie Howell who married Hannigan Chesnut. Susan Elizabeth Howell married Benjamin Owens in Knox Co., Ky in 1860., and Arad Monroe Howell moved to Kinmundy,IL. And married Mary Sanders."
4 — "Here is a document I had in my files. Ed Bledsoe was son of Isaac and Mary franklin Bledsoe of Martin Co., Indiana. Several of the family members lived in Lawrence Co."
5 — "Sara Bledsoe Ritter, daughter of Isaac and Mary Franklin Bledsoe. She married Isaac Ritter of the Bedford area."
6 — "Isaac W. and Sara Elizabeth Ritter grave. Isaac and Sara married, Lawrence Co., Indiana Aug.19,1890. They are buried in Gilgal Cemetery, Heltonville."
7 — "Ike's grave."
8 — "This is the marriage of my g-g-Grandparents, Martin Bledsoe and Sarah jane Owens, Lawrence Co., Indiana 1879."
9 — "The man on right is son of William and Lucinda Pace of Lawrence Co., Indiana. Lucinda was daughter of Isaac and Mary Franklin Bledsoe."
10 — "William Zachary & Elizabeth Owens' marriage license."

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