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1908 La Porte High School
Old La Porte HS
Stillwell School 1950
Stillwell School circa 1950
Union Mills High School
Union Mills High School
Photos of Old School Houses
School Histories
Hanna High School
Hanna High School
Old Wanatah High School
Old Wanatah High School

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Kankakee School
Kankakee School
Brown School
Brown School
Wills twp
RP School 1918 to 1920
Rolling Prairie 1918-1920
3rd & 4th Grade
Oak Grove School
Oak Grove School
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Clinton Twp
Circa 1914

Clinton Middle School
Circa 1917

Clinton twp circa 1923

Clinton twp circa 1924

Clinton twp circa Jr & Sr High circa 1923 ?

Clinton Twp School Bus 1917

Clinton Twp 1919
Clinton Freshman 1919
Clinton Freshman 1920-1921
Kankakee School 1927
1919 LaCrosee
LaCrosse 1919 - 7th/8th Grades
C. Shinabarger, Teacher
Per Bill Mathews, an Elva Shinabarger was the sister of Dr. Funkhouser’s wife, Catherine.
circa 1925
LaCrosse Circa 1925
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Stillwell Circa 1948/49
Mill Creek 1936 children
Mill Creek 1936
1st & 2nd Grades
Stillwell Baseball Team 1949
Stillwell School Baseball Team
1949 - See *** Below
8th grade class
Springfield 8th Grade
Contributed by Ilaine Church

Stillwell School Baseball Team 1949 -
Back Row: Jack Goethals (Jr. Reserve), Gene Jones ( Sr. Short Stop), Everette Dunfee ( Sr. Pitcher), Gail Swing (Sr. Catcher). Bill Singleton (Sr. F. B.),
Donald Bradfield (Sr. L.F.), Bill Turnham (Junior),
Front Row: Dean Robison (Junior), Allen Dickson (Senior), Deverl Ames, (Junior), Bill Loucks (Senior), Gerald Felton (Junior), Richard Gillen (Senior),
Mr. Hobart Martin - Coach - II Year

Dr. William Nicholas Hailmann was the Ninth Superintendent of the La Porte Community Schools 1883 - 1894. He was and remained a Nationally acclaimed scholar and brought many new
ideas to various education systems in various states such as LaPorte County Indiana , Washington D C and Dayton, Ohio School System, to name a few. Dr. Hailmann was born in Switzerland in about 1836 and died in 1920.
While at La Porte Dr. Hailman developed the "New Education" concept which encompassed the belief that a student's whole personality of "head, heart and hands," rather than merely the head. He introduced a curriculum for both the study of Manual arts and Fine arts. He also started a kindergarten class which at that time was only being used in one other city in the United States.
   Dr. Hailmann's wife Eudora (Lucas) Hailmann and his daughter, Bessie Hailmann, established in LaPorte a National School for the training and education of kindergarten teachers, bringing wider fame to the LaPorte School Corporation. Eudora and William had wed in Jefferson County, Kentucky Dec 25 1857.
   Dr. Hailman left LaPorte County in 1894 to accept an appointment as National Superintendent Of the Indian Schools in Washington D.C. It should also be noted that William Nicholas Hailmann and spelled as Hailman in many instance, served in a Kentucky unit during the Civil war as a Major.
   In 1956 LaPorte Community School Corporation built and dedicated Hailmann Elementary School to Dr. Hailmann's memory.

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