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LaPorte Co.,Indiana     
"Old Time Family Photos"
Unknown Photos

"Tucked away in attics,
closets and old photo albums,
we bring them out, gaze upon them
and wonder ....what their lives were like."

Site up-dated on April 17, 2008

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Those buried in our local cemeteries, once breathed life, just like you and me.  In creating this page, it allows us to view these old photos and contemplate daily happenings and life styles. This page is dedicated to the LaPorte County ancestors.. Thank you to any and all who are donating images.

Anyone wishing to donate photos, please contact me, Deanna West at laportecountyin@yahoo.com

Remember, these are large photo files, so your image might take a moment to load.

Mystery Photos - Help!!!!  
Can you identify these children?
5 children of the Ireland family. Photo taken prior to the families move in 1890 to Minneapolis.
contributed by: Shelley Cardiel familia@sprintmail.com
Unknown Westville Couple
contributed by: Connie Christopher - found in her grandmother's things.
World War 1 Soldiers March off to War
Photo taken in LaPorte, Indiana or Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contributed by: Ronda Dodge
Unknown Photos - Can you identify any of these?  
Circa 1890 to 1900 Unknown little children Circa 1890 to 1900 more little children
Unknown Young lady from Wanatah Circas 1890 to 1900 Unknown Young Men

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