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"Tucked away in attics,
closets and old photo albums,
we bring them out, gaze upon them
and wonder ....what their lives were like."

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Family photos

Thank you to any and all who are donating images. Anyone wishing to donate photos, please contact me, Deanna West at

June Hyer and Dorothy (Wagner) Hyer with Frieda (Peo) Wagner
Photo contributed by: Alice Winterrod
Ernest Wagner & Frieda Peo's wedding day on 22 Feb. 1897  
Photo contributed by: Alice Winterrod
Wagner family    -(Front L-R) Gladys, Frieda (Peo), Dorothy, Ernest, Willow, (Back Row) Leona, Harvey, Marie, Elsie, Raymond, Hazel. I believe they lived in Michigan City even though they were buried in Michigan.  Photo contributed by: Alice Winterrod Wagner & Dickens Kids circa 1923
Mildred Dickens, Dorothy Wagner, Willow Wagner, Leona Wagner Dickens, Gladys Wagner descendents of Ernest Wagner
contributed by: June Pavlock
Ernest Wagner on far right with Children and families
contributed by: June Pavlock
Constantine Weidner in Senior Years  
Weidner photos contributed by: Deryl Bennett
Constantine Weidner in as a young man  
Anna Maria (Helfen)Weidner   Gottlieb & Augustina (Newman) Weisjahn
date unknown. Arrived from Jankendorf, Prov. of Posen, Germany to the US on Aug 5, 1872
photo contributed by: Charles Smith
Ephriam Wellwood family 1889
Placed in the web 4/17/03
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
Ephriam Wellwood family 1915
Placed in the web 4/17/03
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
Royal Wellwood family 1918
Placed in the web 4/17/03
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
Wellwood - Dysard family photo of 1915
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
posted on line on March 30, 2004

Frances Wellwood Children 1953

Grandmother and her three children. Frances Etta Wellwood (nee Dysard), Lyle Wellwood, Harold Wellwood, Frances Lucille Willey (nee Wellwood) 1953.
John D. West & Nancy Crowell West & their eleven children.
Children are: Cassie, William, Florence M., Grace M., Nancy J., Martha T.W., George LeRoy, Albert Franklin, Elsa, Ester Cordelia, baby Lewis b. June 1896, died 15 March 1897
Photo taken about 1896.
Photo contributed by:
Ginny Del Marto at
posted on WWW 5/24/2004
Katarazyna Wroblewska

from the files of: Maria Burda of Oak Park IL for the photos
Cassie (West) Voltz & Lewis Voltz
taken about1889. Photo contributed by:
Ginny Del Marto at
posted on WWW 5/24/2004
Nancy Crowell (Chrowel) West & three sons, George LeRoy, William and Albert.
George West is on the left in photo
Photo from early part of 20th century.
Photo contributed by:
Ginny Del Marto at
posted on WWW 5/24/2004
Mary & George Wheeler Gus & Grace Wheeler circa 1910
with children. Leon Wheeler in back
More later on location of house
contributed by Chris Kale Corcoran
Walt L. and Gus R. Wheeler circa 1907
contributed by Chris Kale Corcoran
William White - Michigan City Police Dept about 1910
Photo donated by Kevin Schubert at
Joseph Wiltfong & Family
Barbara Wiltfong with 5 generations:
Contributed by: Brenda Horton
John Wesley Williams 1891 to 1920's portrait photos (one with Jennie)Williams - John and Jennies bungalow built in about 1914
Williams- John & Jennie with sons Wes (John Jr.) and KenWilliams - 1913 Orchards with mother Esther examining the crop
Williams Jennie & John with boys 1921 & 1922Williams 1928 Easter time and Strawberries in early June
Williams Truck 1921 and 1930 horses for wagonsWilliams Orchards - 1970 Barn addition
John Westly Williams 1958Williams Orchards after another successful season
Wolford photos:
Our deepest appreciation to Connie Novreske for donating Wolford photos
Henry Cooper Weston Wolford and his bride Rachael E. (A.) Booth
wedding photo. wed 20 Mar 1897
Henry born Apr 4, 1875 and died July 1, 1933; Rachel b. 1877 and d. 1934
Wolford; Mary A. (E.) (Weston) and John Wolford photo circa 1897
wed Sep 23, 1867
John born Aug 3, 1835 and died Nov 2, 1910
Mary born Apr 16, 1842 and died Nov 2, 1910
Andrew Marcus Wolford
born Sep 28, 1910 and died Mar 26, 1968
Andrew Marcus Wolford and Ethel Mae Moffitt on honeymoon 1931
wed Oct 28, 1931
Henry and Rachel Wolford with family circa 1926
Isaac, Warren, Woody and Bill
Andrew and Ethel Mae (Moffitt) Wolford wedding photo
wed Oct 28, 1931
Isaac and Andrew Wolford 1940's with Maple Grove Dairy Truck Andrew with Maple Grove Dairy truck
Nancy Ann Wolford on porch - 1940's Andrew Wolford 1940s' with children
Gaylen, LaVerne, Gerald, Jeanette and Nancy
Mary Wolford - 19th Century Mary (Weston) and John Wolford
Louisa Frame, Mary Wolford and Ann Hackett Henry Cooper Wolford
Andy and Gaylen Wolford disking
I think this might be Gaylen and Gerald walking in front and Andy disking
Our deepest appreciation to Connie Novreske for donating Pliske photo

Wolford & Associated family pictures
Index of Extra family photos and associated photos index (1940's & 1950'2)
Andy Wolford with Gaylen, LaVerne, Gerald, Jeanette, Nancy sitting on bumper of car Andy Wolford with Gerald and Gaylen and horse, also Truman standing to the right
Gaylen, Nancy and Gerald Wolford sitting on old car Wolford/GaylenNancyGerald_LaVerne_ridinghorses Circa 1930's to early 1940's
Wolford, kids 1930's
Isaac, Warren, Woody, Bill, Andy, father Henry and Mary (McCormick)???
L to R
Andy Wolford, Bill Moffitt and Frank Moffitt
Andy Wolford driving Maple Grove Dairy Truck Isaac and Andrew Wolford standing by dairy truck

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