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"Tucked away in attics,
closets and old photo albums,
we bring them out, gaze upon them
and wonder ....what their lives were like."

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Ernest Vandemark - 1939 ~
Charles Vandemark -1942  
Photo contributed by: Alice Winterrod
Mars John Vandemark
(he went by John); b 05 Jun 1896, d 30 May 1934; oldest child of Hollis & Ora Della Vandemark
Mable Vandemark, b 03 Jan 1898 Mentone, Ind. d 22 Jul 1966 Logansport, Ind.
She is the second oldest child of Hollis and Ora Della Vandemark.
She married Lester F. Mehrly & Elsworth Bishop.
1941, Lavona Vandemark; b 15 May 1923. She is the youngest and only child of Hollis & Ora Della Vandemark still living. Her husband was Allen Buchanan and he is buried at Door Village Cemetery.
The friend next to Lavona is Elery S. Mehrly, born: 08 Jul 1922.
He married Phyllis Rupp & Dorothy Obringer. Elery died 16 May 1992 in Michigan City.
Ora Della (Julian) Vandemark. Ora Della and Hollis Vandemark are buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Charles Ivey & Ralph Vandemark playing the banjos. I got this photo from Henry & Hazel Ivey. Henry is the son of Charles & Stella Ivey.
Ralph D. Vandermark   b. 6 Aug 1906 d. 15 Apr 1960
shown in photo sitting and leaning against tree in Greenwood Cemetery
LeRoy Vandemark 1938-1939  
Mary Ann Vandemark 1928 on left - Jessie & ? VanDusen late 1890's
this may be her sister Matilda with Jessie in this photo 1

Jessie first married John D (shows as John H in some records) Hostetler - divorced
then maried Orley Lung in abt 1905.
Jessie VanDusen late 1890's on right in photo
on the left may be her sister Matilda in this photo 2
James H. VanDusen b. December 1853 (sitting)
left to right are Jessie, her brother Garland and perhaps Garlands wife?
Vandusen photos contributed by Robert M. Lung at
  Cassie (West) Voltz & Lewis Voltz
taken about1889. Photo contributed by:
Ginny Del Marto at
posted on WWW 5/24/2004
Robert Moore & Eliza Ann VanTassel
Photo contributed by Dottie (Morton) Wright
Eliza Ann VanTassel
Photo contributed by Dottie (Morton) Wright
Betty Jane VOSS and her mother Ruth Rosella WILLIAMS Betty Jane Voss as little girl before she married Toombs
Lena M. Voss wed John C. Richter, Lena - born 1882 in Indiana (mother Wilhelmina QUIEL; father Ludwig Louis VOSS); died 1957 in Indiana. She married John C. Richter March 27, 1910 in LaPorte, IN; born May 1875 in Indiana; died 1960 in Indiana.
Voss photo collection donated by Holly Ringle
Caroline 'Lena' WOLTER VOSS, born Dec. 30, 1869 in Germany and daughter, Helen VOSS TERHUNE. Lena was was 83 when this picture was taken in June, 1953 at LaPorte, Indiana, three years before her death.
Heinrich Albert Theodore August Voss
Immigrated from Schwastorf, Germany in 1890 to LaPorte, Indiana Taken at the local water works in LaPorte, IN. Photo courtesy of Bob HOLTZ. The large piece of machinery in the foreground is a steam powered engine that in turn powers the water pump with a belt. Photo is estimated to be dated 1890. --
Next two photos are:
A page form the scrapbook of Olive B SWARTZ, who married Fred H VOSS of LaPorte, IN.
Top: The Heinrich VOSS and Lena WOLTER VOSS home in LaPorte
Bottom: Fred H and son Billy VOSS
Unidentified photo in with the Voss Family photos
Voss photo collection donated by Holly Ringle

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