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"Tucked away in attics,
closets and old photo albums,
we bring them out, gaze upon them
and wonder ....what their lives were like."

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Family photos

Thank you to any and all who are donating images. Anyone wishing to donate photos, please contact me, Deanna West at

Sayles Family
Benjamin Sayles with his wife and Children in 1897
Contributed by: DAVID HICKS
posted on 1/1/2004
Farrand Oliver Sherman Photos
Hansen & Sherman photos donated by Kevin Schubert at
Sherman & Hansen Photos
Sherman & Stralo Photos  
Joseph & Frances (Libudzewski) Silakowski Married :April 1891 Scranton,Pa
Moved to Michigan City,Ind - Laporte County Lived at corner of Hoyt St & Barker Ave
Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Calvary Section Members of St Stanislaus Catholic Church
submitted by: Judy Green
Frances & Joseph Silakowski 50th Wedding Anniversary April 1931
submitted by: Judy Green
Pauline Martha Liedtke & Frances Edmund Silakowski - Married: Sept 1932 Theron Prentice Starr & wife Mary Agnes
Placed in the web 4/17/03
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
Marvin Singleton - 1933
Singelton photos contributed by: Maureen Chism
Marvin, Mary and daughter Singleton - Circa 1940
Gilbert A. Snyder - 1954
Safety supervisor at Allis Chalmers In LaPorte. (circa 1954)
August 1907 to January 1968
Thomas P Starr & Julia Ann
Placed in the web 4/17/03
Contributed by Paula Connolly at
Stepanek & Garbowski Women taken -abt 1943
Contributed by: Mike Rose
posted on the WWW 5/24/2004
August Stralo
Stralo & Stout photos donated by Kevin Schubert at
Clark Stralo and family
Ford Agency - Michigan City Indiana
photo donated by Kevin Schubert at
F. M. Stout
Stralo Ladies Stralo & Stout Family
Great Grandm Stout Harry & Laura Stout
Vivian Stout Stout Ladies
Stralo family photo 1910

Reese, Green & Stralo family album page
Truman Stout

True Francis Stout
William Stralo & Family about 1920 John and Clara (Sudal) Kois Wedding date of wedding unknown.

Front row, left to right, Clara Sudol , Wanda Garboski Back Row, John Kois
Can you help identify others?
Contributed by: Mike Rose
Elizabeth Swark  

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