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   County Old Time Images   
Mill 1915
Coolspring Mills at
Waterford 1915
Horse and Wagon
Horse and Wagon at Coolspring Mill
Circa 1910
Coolspring Mill 1915
Coolspring Twp Mill - Circa 1915
Hanna - circa 1910
The Beach at
Lake Hudson - 1910
Hudson Lake

circa 1911
Hudson Boating

Circa - 1910-1911
Britton's Resort

Hudson Lake, IN abt 1907
Hotel Hudson

Hudson Lake, IN circa 1907
Depot  Washington St.
LaCrosse, IN - 1909
N. Washington St.

LaCrosse, IN- 1907
Pen Handle Depot 1927

LaCrosse, IN
Pinola Grain Elevator -
Crica 1967

Old Down Town Rolling Prairie
Downtown Rolling Prairie
1960's Good Old Days
Lucas Camp Motel
Lucas _ Camp Motel

Duffy's Tavern & Heston Grocery
Heston, Indiana about 1950
hoover Park
Hoover Park and
Louis A. Kohlmann's Pool Hall and Store
Rolling Prairie
County Home
Built about 1886
LaPorte County Asylum

now County Home in
Scipio Township
Door Prairie Barn Circa 1878
Door Prairie Barn
Circa 1878
Door Prairie
Bigelow's Mill
Bigelow's Mill
Circa 1914

Near Wanatah
Kingsford Heights during the war years
Kingsford Heights housing
during the WWII war years
Hanna Volunteer Dept
Old Hanna Volunteer Fire Dept.
Smoker Farm new Wanatah
Smoker Farm
Hunding Dairy
Hunding Dairy
Union Mills
Photo from November 1938

1940 Singleton Grocery, Wozniak Rd
bottom of hill near old swimming hole and
where I94 is located in present day.
Pond at Union Mills
Pond at Union Mills
Jacobson at Bigelow Mills
Jacobson at Bigelow Mills
Men in Fishing Boat
Just Fish'n
Mr. Boland, George AllenFrankie Boland, Tom Tuley, Martin Aker &
Carl Jacobson
Photo to left taken at Wanatha, Indiana
by: Colfax Wilson
sitting on Wagon seat Loren Pash,
Standing L to R is:
Claud Wren
Carl Jacobson
A G Carpenter  -->>>

Photo Taken Sun Aug 21st 1892
Westpoint Restaurant
Westpoint Restaurant, Westville, IN Circa 1938 owned by Homer & Pauline Pope
was located US6 & Ind 2
Later owned by Dick Prentiss in the later part of the 1940's
Kankakee River
Rowing On the Kankakee
Square Deal Barbeque
Dunes Hyw (Old 12)
Square Deal Barbeque
Duneland Beach Inn
Duneland Inn Circa 1930
Duneland Beach, Indiana
    Ideal Separator
Tractor Driving Rumely Ideal Separator

from the VanDusen collection of Robert Lung

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LaCrosse Panoramic View 1915- North Brown

LaCrosse Panoramic View 2 - 1915 - South Brown

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