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If you have a family biography that you would like to donate to us, please feel free to email me, Deanna West Please include your e-mail address and full name when sending us a biography. No living persons date of birth should be included in the file, to respect Internet courtesy and overall privacy. Libraries and private individuals are welcome to print out a copy of these biographies for use as a research guide. We recommend that one always use Standards For Sound Genealogical Research set forth by the National Genealogical Society.

As of Oct 3, 2009, all biographies should be submitted to be put on site and not link to other sites. This is due to folks shutting down their sites for biographies that they had stored. And when sites are closed out by owner, the links become broken.
There are several names listed below that were previously hot linked, but now they no long work.

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LaPorte Family Biographies

A to B Surnames
Andrus (Andrews) Hiram H.
Andrews, James M
Barnes, Phineas
Barnes & Terry Families
Bauch, Charles Edward
Bauch, Henry Adolph
Bauch, Lizzie Barbara Marks
Beal, John Franklin
Beal, Mariah
Birchim, David & Lem
Brayton family
Brewer, Benjamin and Henry Families
Burkhart, Cecelia Crescenta Seimetz
Busa, Michael & Thomas
Bush, Michael & Thomas
Bussa, Michael & Thomas
C to D Surnames
Carlson, Anton - added 1/6/2009
Catterlin, James
Closser, Nicholas
Closser Daniel
Conboy, John
Craft, Seth
Cumiskey, James H.
Crowe, William posted
Dean or Deane, Charles Werden
DeMeyer, Nicholaes D-
Dorland, George Culbertson
Dowd, Charles
Dysard, John and associated families

E to H Surnames
Evans, Edward - 1875 -Indiana State Legislators Bios **
Fisher, John and Associated Families
Fisher, Peter and other Fisher generations
Francis, Mr. & Mrs. C. W. - 50th Anniversary 
Fravel, Jacob
Freese, Lawrence
Garoutte, Thomas Jefferson
Gillham, Robert
Griffin, Samuel
Griswold, Elizabeth
Gross, David John
Hanyzewski families, Joseph & John
Hanyzewski, Lottie
Hatfield family
Heckman, Jacob
Hileman, Levi
Hibbard, Horace Bonaparte

Hock, George - Link broken
Houston, Guy Chester - Link broken
last known email address is
Hungershewer, Catherina
Hunt, George Washington -
Hunt, John Mason

I to O Surnames
Ingraham, William
Janicki, Valentine
Janicki Family History
Jessup, Simeon
Kaczmarek, Valentin
Keith, Peter Phelps
Kellogg, Harvey & John R
Kenyon, Keith Cyrus- Link broken
last known email address is
Kroening, Helen M. Wiedenman
Lamphier or Lanphier, Daniel
 (Search Jasper Co, IA website)
Lancaster with Associated families
Langeman (Langman) family history
Leaming, Daniel M & Charles families
Lewis, Joseph Stewart St.
Liedtke, Otto
Lindblad, Anders
Lovell, James (Jimmy) family notes
Lucas, Albert & Blood Family
Lybarger, Cornelius family notes
Lynch, Owen
Marx Wagner Michaely, Margareta
Marx, Nicolaus
McGarity, William   
McVay, Wilbert - - Link broken
last known email address is
O'hara Samuel
Oglesbee, R. B. - link broken- site deserted
Osborn, Andrew Lawrence
P ro R Surnames
Page, Abraham added on April 23, 2014
Pahrman, Charles F
Parker, Branson Davis
Parker, John Christy & Caroline Shaw
Parker, Lewis
Parker, William D.
Parker, William I
Partridge, Sarah Jane - posted 5/16/12
from John McCartney at
Patton, Thomas Jefferson
Pierce, Rowland
Person - Erickson and affiliated families
from John W. Erickson -
Pinney, Horace and associated families  
Puffpaff, Family in LaPorte County
Reynolds, Anthony James
Reynolds, George R.
Rickmeyer, Emma Bauch
Riechel, Joseph aka Reichel or Richel
Rotzean family
S Surnames
Schaefer, Frederick
Schumm, Louis Sr.
posted on July 6, 2004
Seimetz, (Katherina & John)
Seimetz, Margaretta Wiedenman
Seimetz, Henry Michaelis
Sharp, Dayton
Shippee, Silas B.
Shippee, Decendents of David
Shurte, Samuel
Snavely, William
Solloway, Major Jr.,
Spooner, Wilbur D.
Starr family ancestry, see Wellwood below
Swift, Theodore
T to V Surnames
Talmadge, Oromel
Tanger, Heinrich Johann Friedrich Ferdinand
Teeter, E. J. Autobiography
Teeter, Philip Fail - letter home added
Terry - Barnes Families
Teeter, Zachariah(s)
Thomas, Anna Freeman story
Thomas, Anna Freeman story
Tilden, Walter S.
Titus, Nelson J
Titus, family
Van Tassel, (Van Taxel)Cornelius
VanDusen, Eli - also spelled Van Dusen
Voltz, Frederic Wilhelm
Voss, Ludwig

W to Z Surnames
Warkentin (Warkentine), August-
Wagner, David
Wagner, H. Clay
Walker Family John Crawford & Sons posted 10/24/2013
Walker, Obediah
Wanatah Families on Sol Gorrell's site - link removed as it was proven to be inactive on 10/3/09.
Wandell, William & Family
Weda, Joseph Cornelius
Wellwood, Royal and associated families -
West, John D.
Weston, Isaac and associated families -
Wheatbrook, John
Whitehead, George (G. H.)
Wickersham, James
Wickersham, Jonathan
Wiedenman, Joseph Otto
Wile, Jacob
Wiltfong, Barbara Hostetler
Wiltfong Samuel
Williams, James  - James Williams Family Before & After La Porte Co.
Williams John Wesley - 1891 to 1986
Winterbotham, John H. -
1875 -Indiana State Legislators Bios **
Worden, Herman Brooks
Young, Russell G.
Zach , John Carl Frederick
Zeigler, John II
Zinn, George W

** Martha A Crosly Graham - research and files for all counties - "1875 -Indiana State Legislators Biographies" May be viewed at the following links.    &

La Porte County History Articles

"Under the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie:
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.
This be the verse you grave for me:
Here he lies where he long'd to be;
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill."

Those lines are borrowed from Robert Louis Stevenson's poem, Requiem. The poem speaks to the honor we give to those sacred places where those we love come to final rest: the cemetery, memorial park, or graveyard. As the only animal on earth that takes such great pains to memorialize the passing of our species, we do it with tenderness and reverence.