Rolling Prairie Cemetery
Rolling Prairie
Kankakee Township

LaPorte County, Indiana

Anyone wishing to donate burial or family tree information about families in this or any LaPorte County cemetery,
please contact Gloria at
A newer reading is being worked on at this time by Gloria Arndt Rolling Prairie Cemetery Historian.

Disclaimer: This is an older reading with some of the burials missing and some of the information is not accurate.
But I am placing it on line to help those at least get an idea of the area these folks lived and died in.
Please note in photographing this cemetery, no chemicals were used on the tombstones.
The older section is in the North-East corner of this cemetery and many of the photos in this collection being presented were taken
in that area by - Deanna West - Volunteer Web Master  - Cemetery %  Association La Porte County

History of Rolling Prairie

Rolling Prairie Cemetery Photo Album

Rolling Prairie Cemetery Photo Album page 2

Photos taken during August 26th Cemetery Tour

A to G Burial Listing - Older reading

H to M Burial Listing - Older reading

N to Z Burial Listing - Older reading

Donated Obituaries

October 25, 2003 Benjamin Franklin Williams headstone dedication

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