Former Hudson Township Schools
La Porte County Indiana - Detailed History

Schools in Hudson Township
Prepared by Gloria D. Arndt

1829 Carey Mission School (Baptist), established in 1829, the first school in the county. It was meant for the Indian children but both whites and Indians attended. The Indians around Hudson Lake were Pottawatomies, Chippewas, and Ottawas . Robert Simmerwell was the teacher, he was half Indian and his wife was a white woman who helped him teach the Indians. It was located on the banks of Hudson Lake .

1833 A second school was built in Hudson Township , location unknown. The teacher was a Mr. Edwards.

1868 A Sabbath School , denomination Methodist was located in Hudson Township .

1874 Plat map shows a school symbol on the J. Ray property on Section 18 Plat map shows a school symbol on the L. Solloway property on Section 16 Plat map shows a school symbol on the C. A. Sheely property on Section 1

Lakeview School
Founded 1876 stamped on building

Maple Grove School
Maple Grove School

Lakeview  1892 Plat Map of 1892 shows Lakeview School located in Section 30. Maple Grove School located on 650E and 1000N, now parsonage of Maple Grove United Methodist Church (Church was established in 1867)

1980 Lakeview School located on Emery Rd. in 1980, now home of Bernice Thompson and Mike Skiver.

16 school  #16 School located on Walker Road , now home of Alfred Truhn in 1980.

Hudson School  Hudson Lake School , located at the corner of Chicago and Walker Roads.

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