Michigan City Photos
La Porte County, Indiana
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Updated on June 30, 2010

  Michigan City Indiana  

Michigan City Water Works

1873 - Staiger Klopsch
100 blk, Franklin Street,
Michigan City Overview 1869
1869 Michigan City Overview
1860 Wood Print of
Haskell - Barker Plant,
Michigan City abt 1897
Michigan City - Circa 1897
Barker Mansion
Barker Mansion
Jernegans Hill
Jernegans Hill
Tivoli Theater
Tivoli Theater
2nd Street Railraod Bridge
Michigan City RR Bridge
over Trail Creek 1942
Indiana State Prison 1927
Indiana State Prison
Circa 1927

Convicts from Indiana State Prison
1908 HAskell Barker Plant
Haskell-Barker Plant & Pullman Co.
Franklin Street circa1870
Olden Days on
Franklin Street
Early  Michigan City Harbor
Michigan City Harbor
donated by Kevin Schubert
Franklin Street Michigan City Circa 1940's
Looking South on
Franklin St. from 5th Street, Michigan City, IN circa 1949
1921 Flier for Preopening Spaulding
1921 Flier for Preopening of Spaulding Hotel
opened - 1922
Welcome Arch
Welcome "illuminated" Arch and
Spaulding Hotel on right

Arch constucted in 1923 by the Indiana Rotary Clubs
Fairview Hotel 1908
Fair View Hotel
  Washington Park & Zoo Area  
Greenhouse & Admin. Bldg
Engineer Bldg & Monky Island
Monkey Island & Engineer Castle
at Zoo Circa late 1930's
Zoo Monkey Island
Monkey Island
Circa 1940's
Buffalo at Zoo
Buffalos at Zoo
Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster
Beach and Park
Beach & Park from Tower

Hoosier Slide
Before sand was hauled away
1910 Cannon in Washington Park
1910 Cannon in
Washington Park
Oasis Ball Room
Old Oasis Ball Room
Midway & Oasis
Mid 1950's
Save The Catwalk Monument
Save the Catwalk
Save The Catwalk Monument
Save the Catwalk
Amusement Park & Beach
Bathing Beach
Old Time Bathers at the Beach

Life Savers Capsize Boat Drill
Cannons in park by monument
Cannon in Olden days
WW 1 Monument
One view of Soldiers &
Sailors WWI Monument
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Another view of same
Early 1900 view light house cat walk
Catwalk & Lighthouse
Winter early 20th century

US Life Savers
Launching Boat
1909 Young Men pose on Cannon
1909 Young Men pose
at old Cannon
  International Friendship Gardens  
French Garden
French Garden
Circa 1950's
Italian Garden
Italian Gardens
Circa 1940's
Path to Sympathy Gardens
Path to Symphony Garden
Circa 1950's
Scotch Garden
Scotch Garden
Spring Festival
Circa 1950's
Netherlands Garden
Netherlands Garden
shot from beach of lighthouse
Pier, lighthouse, and
breakers from beach
Friendship Bell
Friendship Bell - 1951
Sure Thing
Frank Hyer Bartending at
"A Shure Thing Inn"
A Shure Thing Inn-
November 1915
Hyer's tavern, 921 E Second St
L to R - Dick & Duane Hyer
unknown man on stool
Bartending - Frank Hyer
"Jeep" Mikulski - also behind bar -
see below
Long Beach Pavillion
More Michigan City Area Photos Plunge
Long Beach
Roman Bath Plunge 1920's
Dunelady Beach Inn 1930
Duneland Beach Inn
Circa 1930
Indiana State Prison 1908
Indiana State Prison
Circa 1908
Sheridan Beach Hotel
Sheridan Beach Hotel
Vreeland Hotel Crica 1908
Vreeland Hotel
Circa 1908
Golf Course
Long Beach Golf Course
Circa 1920's

Interstate Glass House Restaurant
Long Beach Road
Circa 1930's

Franklin Street Bridge Collapse
*** Golfmore aka
Grand Beach Hotel
Circa 1920's - 1930's
Dunelady Beach circa 1937
Duneland Beach Circa 1935
Michigan City Court House
Michigan City Courthouse
Long Beach Drive
Long Beach Drive
1958 snow storm
1958 Snow Storm
contributed by: Rob & Carol Rinehart
Old Brewery
Old Brewery along Trail Creek
contributed by: Tom DeLay
artists's initials are LJP
Spring Street
Spring Street South from Seveth St.
card to Mrs. J. H. VanDusen
Did you know that at one time you could drive along the Lake Michigan shore line from Chicago up into Michigan? Unfortunately the wheels of progress and also sand erosion along the shore removed much of the roadway. Many homes that were built along this ever changing shore line have been taken by the lake.


*** Grand Beach Company founded around 1903. It was designed to be a short-stay resort. People would come from Chicago and surrounding areas and take the Michigan Central Railroad to Grand Beach station. They would rent small cottages for a day or two, eat in the dining hall (located at the corner of Lakeview and Whitewood), and enjoy bathing, golfing and even a gambling casino at one time. The Golfmore Hotel was built as a luxury hotel just across the creek from the Michigan state boundary in Michiana Shores, Indiana. It made its debut in 1921 and boasted 175 rooms, hosting up to 500 guests and 250 rooms to wander and enjoy.   An entertainment pier was built out into Lake Michigan and the Golfmore Hotel offered dining and even dancing in the 1920's. Due to the ravages of time and storms of Lake Michigan, the pier has long since disappeared. For years some of its supporting posts were visible when the lake levels were low.  A footbridge over the creek linked the hotel to the pier area. The hotel played an important part of the social life of the beach in the 1920's even in the winter when it hosted ski jumping events. Charles S. Knapp was the hotel proprietor in the 1930's.
    During 16 years of litigation over Grand Beach properties the hotel had deteriorated, but during the year of the fire, it had been acquired by Jay-Bee Realty Co., Chicago, Illinois. They were in the process of extensively improving and beautifying the hotel along with putting in automatic sprinkler system throughout the hotel. The job was about half completed when disaster struck.
     On the 19th of November, 1939 the hotel burned down. A passing motorist , Harry Meyers, 1107 Tennessee, Michigan City, noticed a red glow while driving down the highway and went to investigate. He sounded the alarm, but it was hopeless. By the time both Michigan City and New Buffalo fire fighters arrived, the hotel was fully engulfed in flames and could not be extinguished. They were however, able to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings near by. The entire three-story building was merely a smouldering pile of rubble by the morning of the 20th. Cause for this fire was never determined and losses were estimated well over $300,000. It was only insured for about $100,000, so rebuilding was out of the question.
    The hotel had been closed for the season after the previous Labor Day weekend. Bill Behr, brother of Johnny Behr, widely known Chicago boxing and athletic coach was the watchman. He stayed at a lodge 200 yards from the hotel. During the time of the fire, Behr was in northern Michigan on a hunting trip and was not scheduled to return until later in the week.

"Jeep" Joseph Mikulski is delivering beer in the above photo at Hyer's Tavern. "Jeep" later become a Michigan City police officer.

Additional Photos Available at: http://www.emichigancity.com/history/memoirs.htm

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