Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
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Yager, Joseph Barnhart, Frances 2/28/1865 Book E
Yeska, John Lewis Concannon, Harriet 11/5/1860 Book E
York, C. F. Herman, Aurelia 10/15/1854 Book C
York, Cyrus F. Hinman, Aurelia 10/15/1854 newspaper
Yos, John Opperman, Frederica 1/22/1864 Book E
Young, John Emery, Barbary 12/23/1851 newspaper
Young, R. R. Justice, Eliza 7/2/1851 Book C
Young, Robert Hawley, Sarah Ann 10/31/1856 Book D
Younglove, Edward Adams, Ellen A. 10/15/1854 newspaper
Yurst, Jno. Papsiggins, Louisa 8/15/1854 Book C
Zack, John Herkman, Josephine 1/8/1855 Book C
Zacker, Ernst West, Wilhelmina 11/30/1858 Book D
Zahart, Cristoph Prang, Sarah 9/27/1859 Book D
Zahart, Frederick Malchon, Maria 3/24/1859 Book D
Zahm, A. Louis Flint, Isabel A. 1/12/1870 newspaper
Zahrt, Henry Warring, Catharine 11/22/1853 Book C
Zahrt, William Ferhman, Sophia ? 5/28/1852 Book C
Zahtsarm, Charles Datskey, Augusta 12/20/1856 Book D
Zalinde, Frederick Dutzket, Caroline 12/31/1859 Book D
Zebolinski, Peter Cloak, Catharine 12/18/1854 Book C
Zeese, Wilhelm Kotzweck, Wilhelmina 7/4/1856 Book D
Zeigler, Hiram Sheldon, Jane 12/2/1863 Book E
Zeigler, John E. Brown, Della 5/5/1870 newspaper
Zell, Albert C. Linard, Mary V. 9/4/1864 Book E
Zener, Benjamin Burdick, Sodena 5/29/1859 Book D
Zenor, George E. Small, Nancy J. 1/1/1862 Book E
Zilmer, John Hurbert, Gustina 4/5/1859 Book D
Zimmerman, Daniel Manderville, Charity E. 8/1/1863 Book E
Zimmerman, Frank Switzer, Ludwina 3/13/1856 Book D
Zimmerman, Jacob Brown, Sarah A. 9/14/1864 Book E
Zipp, John Steenline, Elizabeth 9/17/1854 Book C

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